September 27, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)


Capable adventurers needed as an escort for an off Jaren explorative endeavor. Pay negotiable. Meet at the StopOver Inn at 9pm. Ask for Sloane.

Plot Synopsis

They meet up with Sloane and he informs them that they are going to a place to search out some ruins when a previous team did not return. After some chit chat (and even some information gathering) Sloane takes them to a well guarded building which contains several portals. There they are given some equipment and sent on their way (Sloane accompanying them). Once there they find out that they are in a nice desert area with what looks likes ruins off in the distance. They make their way there. Once there, Kalag detects dead and finds that there are quite a few around the old buildings. The party splits up and goes around looking at the bodies that are above group. Some notice that there has been some gnawing on the bones, probably a long time ago.

After searching all the buildings and surrounding area they decide to spend the night in the old town. There is a sand storm that night. The next morning they realize that someone has stayed in one of the other buildings. While searching around Quaoar spots something shiny moving away from the town; the party pursues. They eventually reach a mountainous area and a waterfall that is going into come kind of cavern. Paul, Talon, and Gideon approach the pit, which causes it to collapse and sends them plummeting into the darkness. They land in a nice cool pool of water, where there are several people with arrows point at them. Paul begins casting something but forgets what it is and joins Gideon and Talon who are swimming to shore as instructed by an old man that is on the shore.

Once on the shore the three party members are instructed to give up their weapons. Paul really doesn't like this so he resists and "escapes" in to the waterhole. There is some struggling, some confusion, and some divine words. Paul climbs out of the hole while Gideon and Talon try to get some information. Quaoar decides it would be funny to throw Paul back down the hole, because he had some much fun last time. Paul again plummets back into the hole and on the way down manages to damages everyone in a 100-foot radius. This causes more confusion, more spells to be cast, and much yelling. In the end Paul is captured, Gideon and Talon are told to leave. After a brief inquiry about what is to be done with Paul, they leave via shadow mount (leaving Paul behind). On the way back to the portal the group decides to fireball some random herding creatures. They then debriefed by the employers and paid.

Noteworthy Postgame Events