December 09, 2012

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Phillip Forrest
Oka-Boka (A badass bear slaying nomad)
Gunther the Penguin
Ice King
Princess Bubblegum
Finn the Human
Jake the Dog


A penguin with a sandwich board, "Hitman wanted" is handing out pamphlets.

Plot Synopsis

Reading the pamphlets, the adventurers found their way to a new-found portal leading to a large palace made of ice. As the party entered, the Ice King was seen waving at a large puff of smoke and told them the job was filled. The smoke then formed into an assassin and attempted to burn down a nearby tree house. The Ice King, distraught at this, hired the party to stop the hitman, claiming he "wanted a hit-man, not a kill-man." After arriving at the tree fort, the party and Ice King set to putting out the fire and saving the sleeping Finn and Jake.
Unfortunately, a series of petty attacks and lack of communication led to a small scuffle between the party and Finn and Jake. As the Ice King left, the party followed or simply stopped combat. The party that followed the Ice King back saw him lecturing the assassin trying to call off the hit. When the assassin found the hit was incomplete, he returned to finish the job. As the party caught up to the assassin, combat ensued, which claimed the lives of both Finn and Torth before the assassin was killed. The results of this led Jake to attack the Ice King in a blind rage, later persuaded to release him in order to resurrect Finn by the Isisites. As payment for their help, the party was promised loot from the Ice King's unsearched "the Past" room, where they found many articles telling the history of the Ice King and the Ice-crown.
The day after the resurrection, the Ice King was publicly executed by the citizens of Candy Kingdom while Bri stole the Ice-crown. During the celebration, Princess Bubblegum, Finn, and Oka-Boka had a discussion about whether it was morally right to execute the Ice King after the recently found articles proving the Ice King's senility. Impressed with his intelligence, Princess Bubblegum invited Oka-Boka back the next day for an exchange of histories and technological existence (i.e. Oka-Boka knows the existence of Princess Bubblegum's resurrection potion and Princess knows the existence of the forms of magic).
Bri, meanwhile, attempted to learn as much as she could about the crown via multiple castings of Reveal the Past.

Noteworthy Postgame Events