September 20, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)


Attention Attention. It's time once again for the Trillia Isle Race. Contestants wanted. If you think you have the guts to be on a racing team see Quinlin at Pier 8, the docks, by one pm.

Plot Synopsis

The adventures that showed an interest about being on the team were quickly horded on to a boat and shipped to an area 5 days off of Lojem. On the trip the race was explained to them. They were to start on Trillia Isle and work their way into the mountain where there would be a box. They are to retrieve this box and make it back to the shore. This has to be done as a group. Each group member must be present when the box is retrieve off its pedestal. All of the team members must also make it back to the shore. Once your team is declared it cannot be changed. There were also an undisclosed number of other teams in this race as well, attempting to retrieve their own box. Each of these teams were started on different parts of the island.

Once in the mountain Mara was certain to stench, which made several member of the party most unhappy. Avoiding the cloud the team made their way to the center of the mountain. Here they nearly encountered three other teams that were reaching their goals. Erdain retrieved their box while Collins phantasmally fireballed one of the other groups, which resulted in lightening bolts being thrown their way. Very quickly the group made their way back to the shore. On the way back Collins had a run in with some blood leaches but those were promptly removed.

Noteworthy Postgame Events