September 01, 2012

Game Master
Nathan R
Trina (Illusions)


The temple of Neptune requires adventurers to investigate a strange anomoly

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers head to the temple of Neptune early, and are completely stonewalled as far as information is concerned. The priests saw fit to make sure nobody gave the adventurers information that they would prefer they not know, and organized accordingly. They were told that they were to investigate a sphere of water that had recently risen up and encompassed a major nautical route. They were given snails to assist them on breathing in the underwater conditions. The adventurers enter the orb, and are immediately greeted by buff mermen. They are welcomed into the society, and even offered entrance into their religion. Trina accepts the offer, and while she has some time alone with their diety (a sphere containing some very magical divine artifacts) to steal the artifacts. The entire world turns dark, as their only light search had been extinguished. The party eventually escaped, and they brought the artifacts to the temple, one of which the temple chose to take into their protection. As thanks for their help, they are granted a greater favor, and they are allowed to keep the other items.

Noteworthy Postgame Events