August 18, 2012

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Phillip Forrest
Corrigon Fortarn (Saint Emperor Corrigon Fortarn, Profit of Cronk, Minion of Zephrin, Harbinger of the gods of life and being. Professional Survival Specialist (Upgrade of Cannon Fodder))
Deus Ex


Pillars of smoke are coming from a small town outside of the city

Plot Synopsis

After failing to rally more forces, the adventures charged into town, where they found a large dragon terrorizing the citizens. After a short battle wherein much of the neighboring landscape was burned, Corrigon enmassed and grappled the dragon to the ground. While Corrigon was holding the dragon, learning that his name was Dart and that the townsfolk had "Stole my s**t", the Deus and Tylan went into town to find that Dart had interrupted a funeral of a fallen hero who was to be buried with several magic items. After defeating and dominating Dart, Corrigon walked the him back to town and, eventually, back to a small cave in the volcano, where the party found more magic items, several bodies, and piles of silver. Before leaving Dart to his business, the party shared the found magic items and silver and left Dart to a new found life of lawful peace.

Noteworthy Postgame Events