July 31, 2012

Game Master
Nathan R
Zarush (Necromancer, inventor of weapon cast)
Shale (The golem)


Adventurers needed to find and kill a man named Cashern. Payment in juicy, deep-fried Cashern bits.

Plot Synopsis

After reading the hook, a party depressingly lacking in Zepherinites set out to find and cannibalize a man they know nothing about. As they head through the portal, they are immediately beset by sick, robot children, and they find that the entire population has fallen victim to an anomaly they call "the Ruin". The ruin is an affliction affects both robots, and apparently rock monsters, causing them to decay at an extremely accelerated rate. The children lead a ghost, a giant rock monster, and Deana(who's name I couldn't find in the listings) to the town elder who tells of a possible cure. He tells them of a man named Cashern, a man not afflicted by the ruin, and who had purportedly killed an immortal, known as "The sun named moon". There are rumors that upon killing Luna(the sun named moon) he had set the curse loose upon the world, and he alone had inherited the cure from Luna. The heroes immediately set out to kill this man,and after fighting several groups of derelict robots, and discovering that one of their own had contracted the ruin, they come across a man who is free of rot. After watching him cut a path through several hundred robots, they go to talk to him. He looks at them confused, and they notice a gaping hole in his chest. Deana comments on it, to which the man replies "Don't worry, it will fix itself." They look at him confused for a few seconds before him starts convulsing, and screaming in pain while the hole in his chest closes up. Somehow the topic of him dying comes up, and he comments that he wishes he could die, if it were only possible, and if it could only help him undo the wrong he had done. Unfortunately, he tells them that he can't die, because when someone tries to kill him, he looses control, and his body does what it needs to do to defend itself. At this point, Deana decided to cast Scythe on the man who had been doing backflips in the middle of battle. after easily making the agility check, he proceeds to rage out and attack Deana, and the most elegant fight in the history of ever broke out, with Deana dance-fighting with her scimitars, and Cashern floating in the air, and doing aerobatic flying kicks. the battle proceeds for a while, with neither side being able to cause damage to the other, until Deana finally breaks through, and bring Cashern down. During the time Shale had been doing combat with Cashern's dog, named Friender. They too had trouble hitting each other, and continued to do battle. After Friender saw Casshern go down, he ran away to get help, but was much slower than he usually is, because of a spell that Zarush cast on him. The decaying rock monster decided it would be a good idea to chase down the down, and the dog took a few bites on it after that, and was able to convince the rock monster to leave it alone. Deana then sent Zarush to get the meat grinder, while she continued to stab the corpse, to keep it down. About the same time the meat grinder came out of the portal bag, Cashern started in regeneration process, and Deana hurredly threw him into a meat grinder. Cashern continued to yell and scream and fight like hell, but it was no avail. He continued to scream in pain for several rounds, until his regeneration finished, at which point the meat grinder finally took him down, and he went through without complaint. Dean then proceeded to cook him, and make him into some exceedingly delicious pies, which she, Zarush, and shale all ate. Upon eating the pie, they discovered that they all obtained a portion of Cashern's creature abilities, although they have no idea why. On their way back, they were attacked by Friender and some of Cashern's friends, but a few fireballs took care of them, and they took their bodies as loot, and later took them as weapons, and then proceeded to distribute the pie around town, and heal it's citizens. There is no more of the Deana pie which grants creature abilities.

Noteworthy Postgame Events