July 21, 2012

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Deus Ex
Corrigon Fortarn (Saint Emperor Corrigon Fortarn, Profit of Cronk, Minion of Zephrin, Harbinger of the gods of life and being. Professional Survival Specialist (Upgrade of Cannon Fodder))
Angela (Ooo...shiny!)
Hanah Hazard (Priestess of both Almar and Orus. She is completely insane and likes it that way.)
Cal Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Simjat (The slightly useful auger.)


Adventurers needed to explore a final portal. Meet Reno at the usal place at 2pm

Plot Synopsis

Adventures went to a plane which was full of fog. There they explored the fog and found a glowy sword looking thing, which upon grabing it transported them to a planer traped area with a Demon Dragon God. They all were killed, but took the god with them. Their full death was stoped as they were given corporal bodies. The maiden in black asked them to slay a demon and return its soul in exchange she undid their death. After gaining the soul, they were returned, with the stuff they collected, and their bodies and stuff returned as if they havn't died.

Noteworthy Postgame Events