September 13, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)


Skillful and adaptive adventurers needed to seize ships. Travel required. Pay dependent on success. Meet at Accelor Shots in Centrailia.

Plot Synopsis

Hook posted in Rogutero three days prior to game date in Paroli and Haoogh: Skillful and adaptive adventurers needed to seize ships. Travel required. Pay dependent on success. Meet at Accelor Shots in Centrailia.

The group arrives at odd intervals through out the day and meet Maeron in room two. He informs them that he wants six ships along a certain trading route, two days outside of Prall, stopped and their cargo seized. He would take what they capture and sell it and then take 50% to cover his costs, the rest would be split among the party. The adventurers are then sent to Prall to meet up with the ship they would be taking.

The first ship was taken out in a rather haphazard way, with Paul boarding the ship from below and "fearing" most of the crew. Tanis swam over to the ship and took it upon himself to throw most of the rest of the crew over board and have their air mage seized by shadows. Thompson, unobserved, garroted two of the marine lizards that were approaching the party's boat. Two other lizards reach the party's boat but are subdued by Thompson and the sailors. Towards the end of combat Eldain and Quaoar reach the cargo ship and begin slashing and hacking those few that are left leaving only one sailor which took to hiding in the crows nest.

The taking of the next five boats went along rather uneventfully, with Paul using his unique abilities. The last boat, on the other hand, was not taken down according to plan. Paul enmassed himself and had Quaoar and Eldain hold on to him as he flew over to the cargo ship. This made him a very good target for the mages on board. After taking a fireball and lightening bolt Paul is dispelled and his "cargo" falls to the ocean. Quaoar swims downward to avoid being hit again while Eldain fireballs the ship until everyone on deck is killed. The cargo is then seized.

After several long and unpleasant hours being one with the ocean Paul reforms himself and beings searching for his items that had fallen from him. After several more hours of looking and locating Paul does recover them, at great monetary cost.

They then proceed back to Prall.

After the adventure Eldain and Thompson take a crew and go back out to bring in the ships they had left only to find out that they had left most of them in a shipping route and that all but two had been removed. These two ships were entrusted to Maeron to sell. Several weeks later the adventurers receive their cut through whatever means they specified.

Noteworthy Postgame Events