October 15, 2011

Game Master
Brittney White
Thetgui (Yeah, I did that thing.)
and others


You retrived word that you need to help some Torites get an item meet at the Spectral Meteor

Plot Synopsis

The group was sent out to get a hand, taken by a tall red headed guy. They sent the group to the portal and told them rough locations and they went on thier way.

The half elf has a faster movement speed and gets to the town an hour before the rest. He asks around, but finds no answer when he goes to the merchant and tormeted the poor man. The merchant was then grabbed by the half elf and he yelled for the guards after the elf left to where the merchant pointed.

The elf looked around and couldn't find much so he started to head back when he noticed guards near the merchant and he ran back to the outskirts and hid in the portable hole.

The party caught up to him and couldn't find him, so they went to the bar and asked about the elf and red head. They don't get much info, and they head for the merchant, who is some what scared. They asked where the elf is and the merchant pointed back near the trees. Sometime during this they got ridiclously hard alcohol to force feed the elf. They managed to track down the elf and grapple him, force feeding the alcohol and making him pass out. They sent him to jail as they look for thier man.

They go to eight houses and tried to get one at random. They knock but no answer, so they kicked in the door. They eventually found the basement and it was a larger basement than most.

First obsticle they've came across was a zombie with it's feet made of bones. The warrior wanted to attack it, but someone stopped him in time to notice a trap. They tested it and it was a pit fall.

The next obsticle they've came across was a giant mishappen zombie that was holding up the celing. They all got through, but the warrior decided to destroy it and the celing collasped from above.

They found a small amount of zombies and skellys in a room and killed them all. They then explored multi paths and found a staircase with spikes at the end that had soap dispenced, a dead end and a room with nothing. They searched the room with nothing for ages until they deside to search the dead end and found the trap door. They got the hand.

The necromancer tried to animate the hand, in which it flipped them off. Someone tried to shoot at it, but it dodged the bullet. When the necromencer was distracted, the warrior got the hand and bagged it.

Meanwhile the elf noticed that the guards weren't there time to time and was able to gain 3 units needed to break out by shadow carring and shadow spawning his items over to him. He sculpted the stone and got out. He found where the parties trial leaded and went in the house. He slept for a bit.

The warrior started to shovel rocks out of the way for a while as the mage starts resting and eventually everyone got back together.

They didn't notice that there was someone following them as they left and after an hour the warrior was hit by the red head. He shortly ran away after that.

They returned the item and got moneys.

Noteworthy Postgame Events