September 13, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Chris Jericho
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Al Crosby


Going about their daily business, each adventurer was given, by random chance it seems, a magical coin.

Plot Synopsis

Going about their daily business, each adventurer was given, by random chance it seems, a magical coin. When they had the opportunity to notice their coin, each individual was shown a vision of an older man who beseeched the coin holder for aid. The vision included a map to an island just a short distance northeast of Lojem. The man in the vision promised that he would make the trip worth their while, and that if they failed no one would ever know.

Each member was able to charter passage on a ship to that island. It happened to be the same ship, all at the same time. Other than a collision with a submerged rock, the trip was uneventful.

The party arrived at the island to find that the buildings they saw in the vision were damaged. The small huts were knocked to the ground and burned. The tower was also burned. Investigation of the area uncovered one corpse on the second floor. Apparently it was that of a young girl. No weapon was found, and it was determined that the event happened several weeks before.

In the basement they found what might have once been some sort of magical Circle. The floor of the room had been destroyed by hammer and chisel, so the exact nature of the Circle could not be determined.

The entire house had been ransacked and looted. The main floor and half the 2nd floor were burned. None of the knobs, hinges, or fittings were left behind by the looters.

Next, they checked the rest of the island. They found a campsite used quite recently. Within the campsite they found a small kit of some sort. The kit was determined to be something divine in nature.

In the tool shed they found a hidden scroll case. The case held a note, apparently from the owner of the house. It stated a warning that certain safeguards had been put in place against looters. No clues as to what happened, though.

The following morning, another ship arrived. This one had bleached white sails, and the crew all wore white clothing. The party greeted them as they arrived on the island. Peaceful conversation revealed that the newcomers were here patrolling the island against some undisclosed threat. They were rather vague, and dodged as many questions as they could. Eventually, the party wrangled information about the threat: the newcomers were trying to prevent other-worldly beings from coming to Jaern. Through clever questioning and deduction, the party determined that the man who owned the island was a mage, and they suspect he was dabbling in Summoning. They learned that the newcomers would not allow investigation of the mage go very far without some counter action, so the party agreed to stop. The white-clothed people then left.

The party buried the corpse, grabbed a few interesting items, and went home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events