July 16, 2011

Game Master
Brittney White


Adventures needed to set balance to an off world. Meet Jack at one Eyed Jack at noon.

Plot Synopsis

After getting to the bar, the players asked Jack what was wrong. He told them that the world was off balanced in an overtly orderly way, people were being oppressed and creatures themselves were being more orderly than normal. Everything in the city was dull and boring. He was fortunate enough to escape from the city and wants the people to be free from the oppressors.
The group went through a portal and saw that the path was strait and the trees and flowers grew in an orderly fashion. Tanis made one of the trees into a rat creature and a flower into a slug. The rest of the party started to chop down trees and made sure that the cuts were jagged.
After getting to the city they see some guards and Tanis summoned a ghost, which they fled along with a lot of people from the city. The guards tried to stop Tanis from being chaotic and Tanis divined everyone to attack people without helmets. Many of the guards start to attack the people. Tanis went to the center of the city, which is the city hall and gets into the prisons. Sometime during this, Tanis provoked the chaos chart many times and order is starting to break it's hold in the city.
After that, Tanis summoned a creature with a paralyzing touch and put an orb inside of it and then told the guards in the prison to lick anything glowing. After that they let the prisoners free to roam after dropping the spell. Afterward everything seems to go back to the way it should. The group then got paid a d10000 each.

Noteworthy Postgame Events