September 06, 2003

Game Master
Preston Wiley
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Meow Kitty


Adventures wanted to eliminate a problem that has arisen. Meet at the Spectral Meteor Inn at Noon. Good pay and the possiblity of magic items.

Plot Synopsis

Adventures are hired to take care of an Elf on the Lentri Council who is trying the get adventures kicked out of Rougtero. He is using bribes and threats to influence the counsel and the tides are beginning to turn his way. They want him either dead or evidence against him.

The party dresses up a merchants and fills a cart with Eldain's whale jerkey and other fish type products. They go into Lentri and sell whale jerkey. By pure luck, the elf they are being paid to kill shows up to buy some jerkey. Meow Kitty secretly poisons the jerkey with a slow acting poison and they sell the jerkey to him.

They leave town at night and sneak back into town. They have to kill a few guards along the way, but manage to make it to his house. The counsil member's house is surronded by people and it is fairly obvious he is dead. The adventurers sneak into a back window and proceed to loot the house. Mekolo and Quaoar are seen looting by a bystander and a house guard. After being seen, they quickly leave out the second story window and escape through the forest.

They are paid and the adventure is over.

Notable events:

After the Lentri counsel member was assassinated, the counsel decided to implement a 20sp fee for all non-natives travelling on elf controlled roads. Permits can be obtained on all elf controlled roads and a destination and purpose must be specified. If you are caught violating your permit, you will be arrested by the guards.

Noteworthy Postgame Events