August 30, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Desin Mord
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Ku Re'l
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)
The Major


Group needed to help free a people from subjugation.

Plot Synopsis

The party meets in the lobby of the Guild of Wizards tower in Centralia. As soon as everyone arrives they are taken across the street to a bar and served food and drink. After a bit the Major arrives and explains the situation.

He explains that there is going to be a meeting of the Bastadorian overlords. They have a plan waylay one of the overlords on his way to the meeting, substitute him and infiltrate the meeting. The intent of the inflitration is to serve the lords a celebratory snack of one of their favorite foods from their homeworld.... this particular snacky has been modified to explode within 24 hours (or when signalled), bypassing the overlords unpenetratable personal shields and killing them... dead. If they aren't hungry the backup plan is to just carpet bomb the whole meeting area with tac-nukes hoping to strand them if not kill them.

The party agrees to the plan, at least in theory. There is much discussion about how to waylay the first overlord. The Major admits that that is the least thought out part of the plan and probably the trickiest. They come to a tentative plan and start moving. The major takes the group across the street to the Guild of Wizards where the GoW is arranging transport to the target ship. The Major puts on battle armor and tells the party to follow him after 4 rounds but before 6 rounds have passed. He's going to hit the outside of the target craft and cut a hole. The adventurers have to get through that hole before the Major enters and closes it from the inside (so they can take the ship mostly intact).

All goes smoothly and the party is inside the ship. The coat themsleves thouroughly in nomadic "Plasma Block" and start looking for the overlord. Since the bastadorian weapons don't have much of an affect on the party they move through the ship pretty quickly. When they track down the overlord they toss a couple of simultaneous "Spirit Fire" (Comet) and the overlord go bye bye. Apparently his shield doesn't stop Spirit Fire.

With the overlord dead assuming control of the ship went quickly. The Major's crew and replacement overlord came aboard and the old crew was transferred off as PoWs. The party took the ship into orbit around the meeting planet and took a shuttle craft down to the surface. The other overlords showed up with their personal guard and all went into the meeting place. They emerged several hours later. The replacement winked at the party and they took off immediately.

As soon as the shuttle was in the air the replacement overlord was put into a timestop field and the signal to blow up the engineered tasties was given. There was a lot of explosions from the surface. The party went back down to make sure _ALL_ of the overlords were killed (they seemed to be). The Major took possession of all crafts in orbit and sent the party home. Mission Accomplished.

Noteworthy Postgame Events