February 22, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames


Mini-G is looking for people to accompany him on a mission to determine why the gods no longer favor us.

Plot Synopsis

Immediately after the previous week's game Mini-G approached Lord Wills wanting to borrow his boat to visit the superi to find out what had happened to Ra. Wills agreed but asked Mini-G to approach other temples to assist in financing the mission and to get their buy-in. Mini-G did this and gathered a good sized group of adventurers to accompany him.

After boarding the ship it became apparent that they didn't actually know where the godship was or how to find it. Mini-G suggested starting with the Superi since he kind of knew where that was. The ship moved into the approximate location of where the Superi should be. An adventurer priest of Anubis, cast 'Detect Divinity', finessed once for purple, through the magic magnifier. Many adventurers who looked at the sun from that close a range saw purple spots. A couple saw a large purple spot that looked vaguely man-made. This purple spot was approached and was indeed the superi. It looked like the rearward half had been completely obliterated. The party entered the superi and began exploring. The found lots of personal affects (GM NOTE: if these are

Noteworthy Postgame Events