August 16, 2003

Game Master
Preston Wiley
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Stu Padasso
Ku Keil
Scrikzo Del Nuldo
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)


Group needed for secretive mission...

Plot Synopsis

Adventures arrive at the Spectal Meteor around the correct time and meet Qualin. Qualin in dressed in nice business clothes and looks like a business man. He explains that one of his rivals is attempting to spread lies about him and he wants the adventures to stop this. He says the their will be couriers, most likely guarded, delivering messages to a Orc village, Dwarf village, Elf village, and Lizard colony that lie about him in horrible ways and he wants these messages replaced. The first and higher paying option is to replace the letters without the couriers or guards even noticing the switch. He has duplicates for the letters complete with seals. The other option is to replace the couriers, but this is the second option and should only be done of option one is a failure. He says that the letters are being delivered at different times, so the adventures should be able to get to all of the couriers before they reach their destination.

The adventurers sneak up on the first group at night while they are sleeping. There is one awake keeping watch. Mindra cast Rockabye until he falls asleep. Mindra sneaks in a takes the two bags in their camp. Scrickzo find the letter in one of the bags and replace it. Mindra sneaks back in and replaces the bags.

The second group has going to an elven village and wouldn't need to sleep on the way. The party decided dress up as bandits and set up an ambush. Mindra cast Witchy Sleep finessed for targets. All of them failed their checks on fell asleep. Letter swapping ensued, the party left, and Mindra dropped the spell.

The third group, which had the same people in it except the guard the fell asleep had been replaced, went off exactly like the first group.

The fourth group, who were headed for a Lizard colony, was the trickest one. The group figured out where they were going to rent a boat for and paid to be the crew of the boat that was being rented. The target group boarded the boat and they set sail for the Lizard colony, which was a few hours out. The party gave them plenty of wine and eventually they has to pee. Two of the stayed in their quarters and Mindra cast witchy sleep on them. They both failed their checked. The letter swap happened and eventually they reached the Lizard colony. The target group each took a blue pill and dove into the water. They came back after about 15 minutes and they sailed back to Rougtero.

The adventurers met the employer and were paid for their services.

Noteworthy Postgame Events