June 21, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Dizzy Dezz
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Wanted : Skilled individuals to help bolster security for a cargo shipment. Meet at the Stopover Inn, ask for Zordac'.

Plot Synopsis

Since no time was given on the posting, people arrived at various times throughout the morning. It was generally agreed that there would be a meeting at noon. Applicants could remain and enjoy refreshments, or they could leave and return at noon. Two young punks heard discussions from some of the other applicants, and decided to reconsider their career choice.

Corwyn thought it prudent to follow them, and make sure the two people leaving the group were not in fact spies trying to set up some illicit actions. Arcan followed Corwyn out of the building. After a brief discourse, and one arrow shot, the two punks made haste back to the potato farm from whence they came. Corwyn and Arcan had a small discussion on one of the finer points of archery etiquette. Then, all made their way back for the meeting.

In a nutshell, the party was hired to guard the boat on a cargo run to some island and back.

They all boarded the Mary Anne and left the Portal Farm to travel to one of the shipping portals. The particular portal took them to the vicinity of Geleia, where the ship turned south-east for a five-day journey.

Along the way the group discovered many forms of natural wild-life, and one tested his limits on channeling the divine power of Anubis in an attempt to win a wager. He failed the overload and promptly passed out on the deck.

A ship was discovered anchored next to a stone outcropping in the ocean, but the party decided that discretion was the better part of valor and avoided it. All in all, the trip to make the delivery went just as any merchant hopes it does: quiet and boring, with no delays or impediments.

There was one day of layover as the crew of the ship changed cargo for the return trip. Many players took this time to investigate the Port Authority of the island of Malsana Kapo. Some were made aware of the locals' many focused prejudices, while others discovered the local government's favorite pastime - Bureaucracy.

The return trip was likewise uneventful until their arrival at the portal. They discovered three ships blocking entrance to the portal. The party got in a longboat and met the oppositions longboat halfway to discuss terms. The party wanted the opposition to surrender, while the opposition wanted 50,000sp for free and peaceful passage through the portal. The opposing Cefo was a flamboyant blow-hard, who was simply insulted by the party. The party destroyed him and his longboat on the spot. An ultimatum was given to the opposition ships, while the party readied for assault.

Ship 1 collected a ransom and threw out the white flag. Ship 2 attacked ship 1 for being traitors. Ship 3 needed some time to get things together, since they thought they were just there for show.

The party quickly swept past ship 1 and dispatched the crew of ship 2. Ship 3 had yet to respond to the satisfaction of the party, so the party moved the assault to ship 3. Ship 1 saw the fireworks begin and made a break for it. The party went after ship 1 after removing all threat from the crew of ship 2, and captured all hands. they secured all three ships, sold them to Zordac, and dispersed a small sum to each pirate crew member on the understanding that they would begin a new legitimate life in business rather than piracy.

In all the trip took eleven days. some players had to leave early, and they received 2600 ep and 1800 sp. the remaining party members split the proceed from selling the ships, and each took home 50,000sp and a varying load of eps. ( ~2700ep )

( appologies if I've mispelled any names. )

Noteworthy Postgame Events