October 05, 2010

Game Master
Michael Lannert
Oka-Boka (A badass bear slaying nomad)
Adamel Tishar (Just because something is small, doesn't mean it's not as deadly)
Rick Palude Dio


Help! People disappering in our village!

Plot Synopsis

Rick was hollering at posting board to collect adventurers to help his village. Three adventures showed up and oka boka got Rick high. Rick directed them to a portal with a semi steep hill on the other side. Village had weird purple mist over along with most of swamp. Everyone's magic items seemed less effective. Oka Boka discovered randomly pointing spirits screaming in the village. Spirt directed adventurers to the town drunk/seer who then directed them to hos brother-in-law. Brother in law was trying to make herbology spells written in the seer book, but he was missing an important ingredient. Oka boka was able to tell something but what was missing couldn't be identified. Seer directed them to hunters before going into swamp. The hunter and his two scouts discribed glass orbs given to their village a long time ago to help see things in the swamp. (Excp Per in swamps). Adventures followed directed path and Larrick jumped into swamp after a reflective surface was seen. He was grappled and dragged deeper. Oka boka shot glossy thing and it burst into flames. Larrick grappled twice more but fire consumed two of them. Five swamp zombies attack Oka and Adamel. Long grapple and kill fight goes on. Once almost done the last zombie explodes and some one running through swamp can be heard. Party moves to temple and faces against three possessed wolves. Fight is short and Larrick almost dies. Adventures try bargining with two priest in temple (unidentified god) Bargin not good enough combat starts. Oka throws potion and both priest succumb to sleep then are tied up. Oka touchs ritual sacrifice who was squirming with gem and souls get sucked out of it. Sacrifice dies. Teresium shackles put on priests. Once awake quickly confess about what they were trying to do, and a little about there god. Adventures procure three gems from vault hidden in temple. Return to village one priest flips off oka and has his soul sucked int ogem. Other begs and pleads oka spares. Villagers kill last priest after he confesses how to break ritual dagger and clear the purple mist. Villagers don't know is deal priest has with god. Priest escapes into swamp once villager destroy his body. Adventures got 2500 eps and 1500 silver. plus magic items

Noteworthy Postgame Events