June 14, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)


Adventures requested to find lost ship and it crew. Meet at Port Haven Dockhouse III at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The party met at the correct time and the employer explained that we was the owner of a shipping business and that recently one of his ships was lost. Soon after the ship was lost he recieved a note saying the pirates had taken his ship and they would return it to him complete with crew and cargo for a 100,000 sp ransom and that he had two weeks to supply the ransom. The employer wasn't an extremely trusting person when it came to the likes of pirates and decided to hire the party to investigate this note and attempt to get his ship back. The employer said they could either stake out the drop point or follow the path the ship took in an attempt to find the pirates. The party negotiated a price of 60,000sp total if they are 100% successful.

The party chose to go to the drop point, an medium sized island about 4 and a half days from Port Haven. They discovered a large village with a mid-sized inn. The drop point was a chest in a specific room. The checked the room and it was locked. They rented a room next to and across the hall for the drop point room. After a day or so waiting, they decided to enter the room for the window outside. They discoved a standard inn room with a chest at the foot of the bed.

Paul used the elemental mastery spell to turn air into gold trade bars and put them in a bag. He was going to put them in the chest, but decided to cast witchsmeller on the box first. He discovered that the latch on the box was magical. After soon discussion, they agree that the latch would probably "send package" the box. No one wanted to get into the box themselves, so Paul decided the Enmass the box by finding a passed out drunk guy in an alley, taping the box to him, and Enmassing the drunk guy. After doing this, everyone could fit in the enlarged box. After 20 minutes of being in the box, they realized they hadn't closed the latch. Someone cut a hole in the front of the box and closed the latch. 58 minutes after this the box changed location.

Looking out the whole, they saw a mage would had just finished casting a spell and six armed men. Kalag cast a fireball encompassing all of the men he could see. The mage countered with a lightning bolt and the men closed on the box. Cronk smashed the back of the box open with his hammer and found another 6 men, plus about 200' back a wall containing 12 archers. The party heard a voice telling them to surrender and they wouldn't be harmed. Combat was long and deadly. Tork and Kheder didn't make it through and many others were badly injured. Paul turned immaterial after which the mage cast magic fence and pressed a button on his belt.

Mini-G was badly injured and surrendered first and the rest followed, except Paul, who sunk into the ground, and Sten, who fled the scene using the Fly spell. The party was stripped of all items and imprisoned. Sten stuck aboard the pirates ship as it leave dock with all of the captured party members blindfolded. After about a seven day journey, they stop and were tossed onto a dock along with all of their stuff. The pirates told them to tell their employer that this should show him that they are trustworthy enough to give back his stuff and that the price rose to 200,000sp.

The party informed their employer of the situation and were paid for information on the complex in which they were held, about 5,000 sp total.

Noteworthy Postgame Events