September 10, 2010

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Nuamarathiel (High priest of Ra? Mmmmm.....Sacrelishous)
Cindrath of Kitanie


Cindrath is expecting pirates. Please meet me @ the One Eyed Jack at 2pm.

Plot Synopsis

There were 2 hooks if people had selected the 2nd they would have been asked to put something on the island and have been paid more. (as well as getting paid by Cindrath.

Cindrath is waiting at the One Eyed Jack with a adventurer Thoton (Actor). Thotun looks like the average adventurer with Jarnian Plate.

William shows up at 1:58pm and goes over to Cindrath's table having been employed by her before. Shortly after Nessa shows up walks over to the bartender and asks for Cindrath and is pointed to her table. Cindrath explains to the 3 she is worried about pirates who have heard about her shipment to replace supplies lost to the recent attacks on her island. The offers the adventurers 200 sp each for the trip with 500 sp each if pirates are encountered.

The 3 agree and board her ship. The ship leaves shortly after having stowed the rest of the supplies and they disembark. They head out of the harbor and go to a buoyed area and go through a extra large portal.

Another portal later and the main mast is extended and they sail off to the sw. The day is a little earlier than Rougtero time. The day goes by uneventfully.

Half way through the night a ship approaches and attacks the party's boat. William and Nessa man station firing arrows and ballista back at the attacking ship. Nessa gets a crit to the eye of an attacker. Thoton uses a wand of fireball and takes out most of the attackers. The ones on deck run down into the hold. The party boards the boat and go below deck to find the ship has been scuttled and is on fire. They quickly go back to their ship to sail on. Some time after breakfast another ship approaches and attacks. After some back and forth arrow and ballista 2 lizards climb aboard. William does in one quickly. The attackers go below decks for a few rounds before coming back up top. The remaining lizard says "We got what we came for." and is then killed by the party. Meanwhile the other ship takes off with speed.

The party go down below and the only thing that appears out of place is a line of chalk on the floor.

The boat arrives at Kitanie and the party is treated to dinner a nights stay and a breakfast before they are paid and given a boat ride back to Rougtero.

Noteworthy Postgame Events