October 03, 2010

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews


Adventures needed to get rid of a small problem

Plot Synopsis

The 3 fresh adventures went to Runescape world and went to help out a priest who had ghosts in his backyard. Apparently, the ghosts were rising because someone stole the bones. They found out it was Count Draynor who was doing so, and did it for a necormancer named lenny for favors. They tracked down lenny to be at the gnome village, which upon teleporting there, Raz-Kai had a teleport mishap and ended up in the abysall plane. He found his way back through a stone portal and got teleported successfuly to the gome village. They spoke to lenny and he said he would take care of it, and gave them 500 silver as hush money about the event. The adventures took the money and headed home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events