June 07, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Mark Hulsman


None, Beso talked to characters he knew well to negotiate alternate forms of payment with them.

Plot Synopsis

The game started on 7/1/40 with the characters taking a portal to Southam on Galeia. Beso hd already arranged a ship and the party took a five day trip to the island they were going to. Once on the boat Beso explained to the other characters that he was going after a rumored powerful healing item. It was supposed to be hidden deep within a dungeon maze that didn't have monsters or traps, but instead it had puzzles and it infused people with so much life energy that people would explode if they remained in there too long.

The boat trip was fairly uneventful. The boat was attacked once by 2 floating jelly fish but the 2 catapults on the boat and a fireball took them out very quickly before they paralysed more than half of the crew. A few days later into the trip the boat accidently rammed an Orn in the middle of the night. Thompson attempted to cut its tendrils off the boat, but he got paralysed instead. So the party fireballed the Orn until it stopped moving and with a couple hours of hackign cut all the adhesive tendrils off the boat. The party arrived at the island containing this dungeon the next day.

After some experimentation the party found that this dungeon healed 1 DP a round and that it started to hurt once they got near double DP and that getting hit with weapons while inside the dungeon did not help reduce the amount of life energy they had. Cronk tried a spell called Destroy Health that prevents healing, but it was found that in a few rounds the spell was dispelled by the life energy. All of the scars every one had disappeared and several characters regained points of health lost to disease and torture. After experimenting they began beating each other up before running into the dungeon to explore. Lots of exploration took place with several party members getting very close to exploding, but none of them did. They found 4 levels, each one had a puzzle. Each one had passageways built that it revealed when solved. 2 of the puzzles lead to dead ends and were merely designed to waste time, but the other two lead to safe rooms that did not heal anyone who was in them. Eventually after all 4 puzzles were solved, Raz-beri came upon a secret door that she did not notice before (because it was a 12 die PER to see it before all 4 were solved). Once opened she found a large room with a large altar in it. On the altar was a 5 inch diameter crystal surrounded by a frame of a box made of an unusual red metal. Beso removed the crystal and the healing stopped. He tried an experiment by sticking his magical axe into the red frame. A random spell effect went off, but there was no noticable effect.

The party decided to remove the frame and take it, but it was securly attached to the altar. So Cronk cast Strong and Wax on himself and went to work. While he was working he accidently passed part of him through the frame and weird stuff happened. His Wax stopped and the item he used to cast it got the charge back. His Strong ended and 5 random spell effects went off on the party. Tork resisted a Banish 1st. Then Willie almost had a Spounge Lungs around him, but since he wasn't touch 3 points it failed. Next Cronk had a new Strong cast on him. Thompson resisted his spell, but I can't remember what spell it was. And lastly Cronk turned into a shark. Fortunately Cronk had DU so he was able to drop the spell that changed him into a shark. The party then decided to remove all magic items and Cronk went to work with no spells in effect on him. He removed the frame and carried it out to the boat. Bezo tried putting the crystal back into the now bent frame, but there was no noticable effect. Nothing else happened on the trip back to Rogutero, except Raz-beri decided to put a sleep bombard into the red frame. Nothing seemed to happen, but she could tell it had changed somehow. When she arrived in Rogutero she went to find an area of town with as many elves as possible and had a party member defer Flame with a 30 minute conditional trigger targeting the sleep bombard and dropped it off next to a building. 30 minutes later the sleep bombard broke and 4 random spell effects went off in the street. The first Repulsed someone into a wall. The second was Thought Move and a melon floated into the air. The third was Greenthumb and it caused every plant in the area to grow very rapidly. And the last was a Drain Youth spell cast on an old man who fell over dead and Raz-beri became 15 years old.

Noteworthy Postgame Events