December 31, 1969

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Zefon (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Angela (Ooo...shiny!)


Adventurers needed to take care of creatures ransacking our village. Meet Cindrath at the One Eyed Jack @ noon.

Plot Synopsis

Tanis arrives at the One Eyed Jack at 9am and orders a dirty plate which he then sets a pie on and starts eating. Angela arrives at 11:30 and orders a Raalst sandwich. They then notice the employer sitting at a table near the window. Cindrath is a blond haired 6'2" half-lizard. Zefon arrives and asks the bartender where Cindrath is and he points her out. Zefon introduces himself then Tanis and Angela come over and join them. At noon William shows up and goes to the table after asking the bartender for Cindrath.

Cindrath explains that every so often these creatures will come out of no where and ransack the town eating the supplies and any one that doesn't get away to the nearby island. The normal defenders were over taken. They agree to work for 500 sp apiece and more for killing the creatures and finding information that could stop them from showing up. She says she knows there were at least 10 creatures. Cindrath warns them that unless they wear a special ring they would not be able to cast magic while on the island. They each take a ring that is incompleate with a very small gap in it.

The adventures take the provided boat and after going through a large portal and another they come out near a harbor which they sail away from. The next day they arrive at Kitanie. The island is a circular chain of islands that are the edges of an ancient impact crater.

The party takes a rowboat over to the main part of the island and starts to investigate. After some searching Zefon finds some tracks leading into the woods. They walk on for a while past some fields and the sun sets. Angela spies something running through the trees and sprints forward. Zefon gets close while Tanis and William look around. Angela fights with one of the 9' tall creatures that have a slightly rocky hide. Tanis goes after another near William. Zefon hides behind a tree only to have a creature grab him and snap his neck. The creature throws the deceased Zefon towards Tanis. Tanis and Angela take care of the 5 creatures. Tanis takes Zefon's body back to Centralia by way of using his Bronze card. Then he goes to the Santuary and they bring Zefon back to life after tending to the damage his body took.

Tanis arrives back and they continue searching and come across a lake. Angela dives in for a look and finds a tunnel underwater. She finds it opens into a cavern so she heads back out. The party distributes some items to let them breath underwater and they head in. Tanis and Angela are ambushed and thrown into the walls. Tanis blows up one of their heads and they take out the other.

Tanis summons an air elemental devotes it and has it go down the tunnel at the back of the cavern. They start down the tunnel. The air elemental stops and comes back but returns from where it came from before it gets back to Tanis. The party continues down the tunnel and arrive in another cavern. Zafon finds a tunnel hidden behind a rock jammed into the hole. They travel down and are attacked by 2 more but deal with them quickly.

Tanis summons another air elemental which flies on down the tunnel but does not reach the end before its time limit comes up. Tanis then goes immaterial and flies through the 15 miles of tunnel and eventually comes out on the next island in the chain. After some investigation they find a clearing with 4 stones arranged around a circle of bare dirt. They try to pry up one of the stones but can't budge it. William shoots a stone and the find using a camara that detects magic that the rock became more magical. Zefon is handed a shovel and starts digging around a stone. Tanis summons a horse which he ties to the stone and tells it to pull. The horse also can't move it. Angela ENMASSes and removes dirt to uncover the fact that the stones join together about 15 feet down. Angela tries to pull up the formation but can't.

The party decides to hang out in Tanis' bottle while he stays out. Sometime after midnight Tanis standing near the object gets hit by 2 overlapping fireballs and sees one of the creatures appear in the center. Tanis starts shooting the creature and is hit by fireballs again. He retreats back and takes out another creature and finnally a third. He ports home and rests he uses his Bronze card again to return. Meanwhile the rest of the party leaves the bottle to find Tanis is not there. They do some more island investigation and then return back to the Cindrath who meets them. They are paid and get ready to go. Tanis removes his ring before trying to port out and looses all his units. He puts the ring on and while not regaining his units can feel the magic so he casts his gate removes the ring and leaves with the others following.

Noteworthy Postgame Events