June 07, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Evelyn Winters
Melvyn Ducharme
Morid Pomme
Solen Baraduke


Postings are put up in town: Crafty adventurers wanted to recover a box. Meet at the Coff Inn at 11 am.

Plot Synopsis

Solen Baraduke introduces himself to those assembled and recognizes Fred from previous jobs. He then tells them that he wants to hire them to recover a box from a Sepulcher on the island of Chafran, about 9 days South East of Centralia. The party asks about the Sepulcher and finds that it is run by some priests who do not believe the methods of the Rougtero Sepulcher (and others) is the correct path to restoring their connection to Anubis. Some have been reordained already though as the mass ordination that granted spell casting was done in a slightly irregular fashion and they saw the benefits of having spells vs. not.

The party is told not to open the box as doing so would surely kill all within 200 feet of the box and destroy the contents.

They are offered 1200 silver for their time and they accept.

Corwyn then inquires about Chafran and is told it is a mostly agricultural town focused on hemp, wheat and barley. Hearing this they start planning a cover story as to why they are going to be in town. They take a quick boat trip over to the portal to Centralia.

In Centralia Melvyn secures the Dap K'now, a 35' Kurajo run by Klye Trandas. Meanwhile Corwyn plunks down a hefty amount to buy supplies to back their cover of Mindra being Miza, a noble lady of Kieren's Watch. Evelyn poses as her handmaiden. Fred, Malinko and Torix act as bodyguards, Melvyn a bard, Morid an accountant and Corwyn is the agriculture expert. They plan to be interested in the harvest and barley futures.

The boat trip is an uneventful 9 days trip (leaving the edge of the Rhine on the 6th day). When they arrive they are greeted by John Kanar the dock master. They pay a 5 day docking fee and explain they are interested in purchasing some of the crops and investing in barley futures. They then go to the Inn run by Trifam Stanley and get some rooms including the state room for the lady Miza. Some casks of beer are sent back to the ship so that the crew has no need to mill about the town.

While the party settles in Melvyn goes off on a recon and visits the Sepulcher to the north of town. He makes a small donation at the gate and goes back to town. Corwyn builds their cover story up talking with the local tradesman. That night Mindra Vii does a little stealth recon of the Sepulcher and enters immaterially and scopes out where the box might be then heads back.

The next day they come up with a plan involving blue fields, a shadow dragon (drako was too small) and Corwyn's power of persuasion :). They tell the ship to be ready for an early morning departure. Corwyn, after disguising himself, takes care of the town night watchman and dumps some alcohol on him and heads back in. They fly off on a shadow dragon. The shadow dragon is spotted as it approaches but Mindra casts SILENCE before the guard could sound the alarm. The dragon parks off the upper balcony and they enter while Fred deals with the guard eventually killing him.

Corwyn gets info on where the box is which changes the plan as it is in a blue fielded area and not where they thought it might have been. After dropping and recentering the blue fields they go to the wall the box is hidden behind and Melvyn volunteers to open the panel setting off a DELIVER which he fails and dies. They take the box and Melvyn's corpse and leave. After recovering possessions in the inn they get to the ship and rouse the crew . Setting sail as the rooster crows Mindra DEMOLISHes the other ship in the harbor.

The journey to Centralia is quick taking 7 days and they get back to Rougtero through the portal. Solen pays the party for their efforts when given the box and thanks them for their services. He inquires about the mission and any pertinent information.

Corwyn using maps he found on Melvyn recovers some buried treasures (mostly silver) over the next few days and divides the money up giving some to Melvyn's love slave/wife. He also gives the body to a Rondo which then has a party to commemorate his death.

Noteworthy Postgame Events