July 17, 2010

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Cal Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Llew (Water so much water)
Corrigon Fortarn (Saint Emperor Corrigon Fortarn, Profit of Cronk, Minion of Zephrin, Harbinger of the gods of life and being. Professional Survival Specialist (Upgrade of Cannon Fodder))


Adventures requested to explore a very magical world. Meet Seth at the Spectral Meteor at 2pm.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers meet Seth and he explains that he wants to explore a world that he has discovered that is very magical. He says he will pay them 100sp per day and also give them an invention that he has made.

The adventurers enter the world through the Alpha Site. They are in a red grassy plan and see for red forest, mountains, and a river. The sky is yellow and a blue sun is overhead. At night, they see a green moon. They end up at the river and Corrigan jumps in after struggling with a fish and end up getting chewed on by some small purple fish which seem to do magical damage.

After this, they head into the forest and in helping Yehuth attempt to put a straw in a tree to draw sap, Corrigan completely knocks the tree in half. He uses the Miracle Cure spell to fix it.

At night, the Yehuth notices a shadowing being the communicates which him through mental telepathy. Yehuth explain their reason of being here and the being doesn't seem to care too much unless they "break things without fixing them." Eventually, the entire party, save the Torite, awake to communicate with him. One of the party members give the being a magic item, which he seems to like greatly, although he is unable to carry it. In exchange, the being tell them about some ruin from long around.

The party ends up at the ruins, about two days away for where they are, and discover 4 suspend timed people in the basement of a building. Cal is able to revoke one of them and eventually they discover that they had colonized this planet and were also going to make a magic item as a research project. Using a Reveal the Past, Cal discovered that is was the shadow beings, upwards of 20 or 30, that phased in for 4 seconds, suspend timed the four mages, and then phased out.

They revoke all of the suspend times a find out a each mage is of a different element and they confirm the story that the first mage relayed. After some more investigating, they do find a few magic items in chest and head back to the portal. At some point, another sun, a red one this time, shines over head, and they learn of the concept of "dark night" and "light night." The moon also get a more purplish tint to it and eventually is full which causes Corrigan to turn into a weredemon.

They get back to Jaern and are paid by Seth as promised.

Noteworthy Postgame Events