June 27, 2010

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Brittney White
Hanah Hazard (Priestess of both Almar and Orus. She is completely insane and likes it that way.)
Raz Hason Goodvich
Fred (He hates everything!)


Adventures needed to destroy a dangerous cult. Meet Carl at Blue Moon at blah time.

Plot Synopsis

After a lot of drinking from the half drunken, half dwarven, and half lizard and a bit of talking, the group meet Carl at Blue Moon at blah time, which was pretty early in the day.

Carl talked about how an odd man came to his village and basically told people to destroy animals and how his people followed his command and shortly after more and more people started to join. They started to become violent and started to destroy people and things.

After arriving to the village, they began looting. They found an interesting item which if touched meat would appear on a wooden skewer. If bitten down upon it hurts the person whom bit it, and not the person holding.

They searched around the village until they came across the cultist building. There were two puny guards at the gate and the party slaughtered them before they had a chance of retaliation. The rest of the cult wasn't as easy to get through, however, and took a bit longer. And after a while, after slaughtering many men they finally got to the guy they were looking for.

Within the battle, there was an explosion of magic that came from the guy after he divine worded a couple party members, and shortly after the magic skewer that was obtained from the village was thrown at his feet and exploded. He stared at a healing fireball from Hannah for a few rounds and he was dead shortly after. Fred smashed through the roof with an enmass. Shortly after there was looting, but it didn't look like the cult had much, only 100 silver was obtainable.

Party gained 1000 silver each and 2800 eps.

Noteworthy Postgame Events