April 19, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Doji Rajo
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)
Solen Baraduke


Meet Solen Baraduke at the Coff Inn in Rougtero

Plot Synopsis

Once there they are requested to travel with Solen Baraduke, priest of Anubis, to an ancient cemetery to recover an item kept in a mausoleum. The pay is 1500 sp for the escort and delivery to a secondary location. 5 days away from there. Solen also offers the Sepulchers services to the adventurers in respects to their bodies if and when they die ( Last Rites, burial,...).

The party shows up the next day, 2-16, and boards the Drowning Lizard at Pier 3 slip 7. Sten walking along the docks inquires about the job and is accepted into the mission. He leaves and returns with a red and white fedora and gives it to Solen. Athemos looking for a woman just runs into prostitutes ( it was the dock area after all ).

The ship leaves and the weather is fair with a helpful wind. 12 days in, without any action, they come across another ship. The ship looks as if it was attacked and then stripped clean except for the damaged sails. Not having any corpses to Last Rite they continue on to the island.

The next day they arrive ahead of schedule and proceeded to the groundskeepers house. Mini-G discovers him dead in his bed room with an arrow through the eye. Solen tries to divine who caused this to happen but could not get enough detail from his spell. Solen double checks where they need to go and finds the key missing. They party gets weary of things and wonders if the ship they crossed was in any way related. After getting to the mausoleum Fred tries to rip the gate off its hinges setting off a grave ward. After a few more attempts by various members of the party and some damage they open the mausoleum. The horn was were it should be and as they leave Sten is shot with an arrow. A few more warriors show up and the combat begins. A Air mage tries to zap the flying Jodi. A priest of Anubis also appears out of nowhere but gets blue fielded quickly. Athemos manages to get hamstrung from a good hit. Light stands guard for Solen. After the combat an ambush is planned to capture the blue fielded priest alive. The blue field is dropped but no bonus to the ambush ( the priest was in combat as far as he was concerned ). Fred misses a grapple and gets hit by Mini-G's paralyzing touch. The priest then activates an item of fireball which in turn blows up. In the second explosion Doki's gun explodes killing Doki.

Solen buries the body of the groundskeeper and Doki after a Last Rites ceremony. The party reboards the ship and they head to the next island after finding and taking a longboat hidden on the far side of the small island.

Five uneventful days later they get to the second island. The island has a Stonehenge type structure around an alter at the top of 400 foot tall cliff. Athemos stays on the ship unable to walk still and the rest take long boats into shore. A quick walk through the woods later they come to a clearing with a path to the alter. Just after leaving the clearing for the final walk up the hill Mini-G notices someone hiding in a tree and Phantasmal Comets, a priest falls out of the tree. Another combat goes on as another 4 warriors, a fire mage and another Anubian priest try to prevent the party from doing their job. Fred and Light protect Solen while the others choose targets. After the combat Solen goes to the Alter and blows the horn, then reads from a parchment, and blows the horn again. After this he suggests they leave as part of the spell he read out will summon undead. The ship arrives back in Rougtero 15 days later and is paid for their time. The party sells the captured longboat and divides the money. Solen thanks them and returns to the Sepulcher to inform them of the mission.

Noteworthy Postgame Events