February 27, 2010

Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Christopher Scott (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Summer ()


Adventurers wanted to return me home and fix a short sighted mistake. Meet Janek at Spats@ 7pm.

Plot Synopsis

Janek awaits the party in the corner table of Spat's. Tanis shows up and starts talking. Christopher Scott shows up. After a minute or to he has a waitress fetch liquids and Summer arrives. He explains how he was walking and a portal opened up and he stepped through. Tanis agrees to the 10000 sp dinner and breakfast.

He explains he can get them a mem loc to his house. Tanis says he can get the mem loc but he would have to give up all his knowledge. Tanis says if they wait till midnight he can get just the mem loc of Janek's house. He agrees and buys them desert and drinks till its time.

When the time comes Tanis hands Janek a ring and he activates it and then shares a vision of his home which he Peers into. Tanis casts gate and they all walk through.

They arrive in his kitchen. He goes out and comes back with some cloaks and food as his had spoiled.

2 days later they leave early in the morning to go to the intercept point. Tanis offers blessings to all as they devise their ambush plan for the next day. During the night Tanis's flaming sword attracts a Pterodactyl like creatures that attack him and Summer when she throws a flask at one of them. They kill the 3 that had arrived.

The next day the caravan arrives and Summer blows her nose and a fireball blows up the detail. Christopher mass drains them and starts to glow they shoot the crap out of him. Many die the last guard runs up and explodes his grenades trying to take out Tanis a Christopher who were on the road.

They put the cart together after turning the horses undead. They then drive the cart for another day following the guide stone built into the cart. They eventually arrive at a bridge not wide enough for the cart. The separate the cart from the carrying box and go across. On the other side they knock on the door and kill the guy who answers it but not before he sets off an alarm. They fit the carrying box into groves along the wall and push until they come to a stop block. They avoid setting off a trap and move the box along. They come to another door and a large room with a contraption that the case fits into.

Suddenly another guard attacks but dies for his attempt. They then activate the device in precisely the way the guard Tanis had drained earlier knew it should not go. When they are done the box falls away and the large gem glows and rises into a socket in the ceiling. At which point there is a bright flash that vaporizes all of Christopher Scott's undead hands.

After that happens Janek turns to the adventurers and tells them they can go home now.
He teleports them away. Each of them find themselves in their homes with 1000 silver. Feeling shortchanged they each go to his apartment to find 10000 silver and steal his cloths.

2800 eps.

Noteworthy Postgame Events