March 27, 2010

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Mardek (Dead-not-sleeping.)
Vem-Dena Silverwing (Mage, Necromancer, Bladedancer, Spelldancer, Smith, Nomad, Evil Super Genius. Also grew 3 islands of her own and makes the most delicious pies ever to exist in the multiverse. Now a )


Adventures needed to kill some zombies. Meet billy bob at the random encounter at noon

Plot Synopsis

The adventures ventured into billy bobs world which had been infected with a weird strand of zombie virus. Mostly Dena gathered up a bunch of zombies while the rest picked off straglers. They successfuly got billy bob to where he wanted to go, killing all the zombies around a paticular building. Dena gathered a 2 story tall strong zombie, a high jumping zombie, a dark fear zombie, a intelligent zombie, and an air elemental zombie.

Noteworthy Postgame Events