March 15, 2003

Game Master
Craig Brown
Random Adventurers


Torix hires a group to explore an island...

Plot Synopsis

Sorry I'm missing some details, however I thought there were a couple of details that needed to be made public prior to the next game. I didn't bring my notes with me, so all characters in attendance are not included. Tony does have a map of the location described, though.

Here goes...

Torix hired a group of adventurers to explore an island. The trip was six days travel by boat to the northeast of Lojem. Only one mishap occurred during the voyage: the navigator ran the ship into a sunken rock formation and lodged it until the following high-tide. It happened during the night, so most of the group ignored it and went back to sleep.

Upon arrival, they noted that the supposedly deserted island was being visited by the crew of another ship. The other ship flew no flag or symbols. The sails were white, as were the clothes of the crew. The Cefo informed the group that they were merely hired to carry a foraging party, but were otherwise not associated with that party.

The group waited overnight until the foraging party returned, and then negotiated a treaty with the leader of that party, to the effect that Torix would have the right to file for ownership of the island, and the forager could continue to forage so long as neither would upset the ability of the other.

During the negotiations, a stowaway came up from below decks on the group's ship. He waited until the negotiations were concluded before attempting to assassinate the foraging party leader. This began a huge melee that ended with the white-sailed ship being sunk, its Cefo and mages killed, most of the crew killed, and the remainder stranded on the island.

The six day return to Rougtero was uneventful.

Noteworthy Postgame Events