November 17, 2001

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Justin Gaskins
Mirumoto Satori
Mirumoto Taisa
Mirumoto Yukihera


Mosaku requests the services of adventurers again. Another item retreval is required. Meet at the Golden Ankh at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Argen, Mini-G, and Ian all received personal messages regarding the adventure, but general postings were available. As a good adventure, it started with some players fooling around. Avolene is upset by the name of the bar, so using a Miracle spell changes it to the Golden Tombstone (Anubis was in a playful mood). This results in half the sign falling off and the word "Tombstone" underneath. Not the greatest of miracles, but Anubis was feeling lazy. The Raites that frequent the bar are very confused. The name still stands as the management has yet to realize anything is amiss (the bar is owned by Bobby's character Silvanti and I got his permission to use the bar in this adventure. I'll let him know of the change the next time I see him). Claude makes a few small trades at the Auction House and Car-Bon Dioxide searched all over for a few spores of Sorcofin. Strangely no matter where he looked, he couldn't find any.

Finally, everyone arrived at the Golden Tombstone. As it is a Raite bar at noon, the place was fairly empty. In a back booth the party finds an odd looking man, late 40's, strange complexion, flat face, etc (Asian) dressed in grey robes. He explains that his name is Motaro and that he works with Mosaku (some recognize the name, most don't). He explains that a large supply of magical jade was stolen from his group by another band of adventurers. He needs the party to intercept the caravan before they reach the portal farm. The only advantage is that they are moving very slowly. He explains that the party can have anything they find on the caravan plus 1,000 silver each, except the jade. He gives them a map and travel itinerary of their appropriate course which his scouts have intercepted.

(The rest will be brief since I can't remember it all). The party set an ambush and camouflaged for the upcoming battle. The melee started with Claude setting an assassination for the carriage driver. He managed to take an arrow in the eye, but stayed on his feet. The driver then took a Deliver but remained standing. Finally he fell as Mini-G cast Sun Strike on him, the warrior, and the marine in front of the carriage. Claude buzzed through a priest of Neptune that had cast Hail Jet and made a green armored samurai look stupid. Avolene threw another Deliver on the Marine, but he managed to ignore it. Then she paralyzed an elven mage. Wesley flew into melee and broke the previously sun burnt warrior's knee. Ian kicked him repeated while he was down. Argen and Car-Bon watched for more attackers, but never found any. Foster proved a great annoyance by constantly minibolt-ing a priest of Orus that kept trying to cast multiround spells. After a lot of work, the party finally killed everyone involved.

As the samurai fell, a little girl came screaming for the carriage. She fell to the body of her father and cried while the party cleaned up the rest. She ineptly tried to take on the party alone, but was mostly ignored. The party discovered that no jade was on the carriage. They decided to take the girl, the body of the samurai, and the carriage back to Roughtero. Along the ride, most of the party slept. Car-Bon tried amusing the child with music, but she used a dagger given to her by Claude most effectively (to the amusement of the rest of the party).

Back in Roughtero they returned to the predetermined meeting place. It was an old warehouse on the docks. In the office, the employer was waiting. He didn't seem concerned with the missing jade, but found amusement learning that the party had killed the child's daughter. As the party was planning to attack, he cast a spell and vanished from sight. After looking for evidence of his disappearance, they found a bag of money. Within were a few coins and a deferred Brilliant Flash. A set of rock statues in the corners came alive and seemed determined to chase down Argen. The rest of the party was oblivious to this as the statues were invisible. With most concerned with the load footsteps chasing Argen, Claude returned to the bag. He was blinded when he opened the pouch. Minutes later the statues were still chasing Argen mindlessly around the warehouse and they eventually became visible. Claude turned the statues to worthless rubble, and Avolene decided to contact the dead samurai. After some persuading, he told them to go to the Great Rice Patty and return his daughter, Taisa, to his brother.

Using a boat, the portal farm, and some information Argen gathered, they appeared in the Rice Patty a day too late (they discovered they had been Blue Fielded along the way). The employer had fled to the center of the Rice Patty with two partners, and vanished in the bottom of a cave. The party talked with the uncle (Mirumoto Yukihera) and learned that the dead samurai was a member of a secret group to destroy an evil in his land. Spending a lot of terisium and some money, Claude got a portal made to Rokugan, and met with some of the guards of Kyuden Mirumoto (Mirumoto Palace).

In the end; 2500 experience, no magic items (again), and that's about all. Rob got some extra experience for Claude (as if he needs it) for helping the Dragon Clan have a portal to Jaern. Car-Bon still couldn't find any Sorcofin. And Argen discovered he has two souls.

Noteworthy Postgame Events