January 16, 2010

Game Master
Steve Ames


Gil's needs a bit of a hand with a sensitive issue.

Plot Synopsis

The group assembles at Gil's academy outside Pregada. They are met by Corporal Lance. Lance tells them that a group of his students have gone missing. They were in a neighborhood outside Prall practicing Blending... that is to say, practicing blending in with the locals and getting their confidence.

The adventurers go to the bar and start asking around. They get information about who the various students were talking with before they went missing. Angela attempts to seduce one and ends up having to knock him unconscious in an alley when he gets a little too amorous. After a bit they get a lead on a smuggling ring that two of the students were talking with. They follow them back to a ramshackle house. Erica finds two of the students hung on hooks in a main room around a table of three men playing cards.

They are about to make a go of the rescue when there is a knock at the door. A deliveryman begins bringing in a cart load of bags containing an orange powder that smells of cinnamon. After the delivery guy leaves, Tanis enters the room and divine words everyone to 'Keep playing cards'. They rescue the students while the card playing is going on. The smugglers aren't happy about the situation and make their threats known but continue playing cards and don't intefere with the rescue.

One of the students reveals a plot to hijack a Centralian naval vessel and take all of its weaponry. The adventureres report back to Corporal Lance who notifies the navy. He learns that this particular boat is doing dark surveilance off the coast of Ocean Shore. The adventurers port to Ocean Shore where they meat up with a local member of Centralian Intelligence. He tells them that at exactly 3:37AM the boat will be exactly straight off the paddle dock. He gives each a monacle and says to look straight off shore and they will be ported there.

The adventurers do this and land on the boat just as a dark boat pulls up to it and the smugglers turned pirates start climbing aboard. Denied the element of suprise they take a wicked beating. One manages to escape (or maybe to drown).

With the students returned to Gil's and the naval boat saved from piracy the adventurers are thanked and rewarded.

Erica, because she can teleport, pocketed her beamport monacle instead of using it.

Noteworthy Postgame Events