January 02, 2010

Game Master
Steve Ames


Gil needs a group to fix a smuggling problem

Plot Synopsis

The group assembles at Gil's adventuring academy. They are greeted by Gil (who seems to be missing his left hand still) and Corporal Lance. He tells the group about a smuggling problem. Now smuggling isn't illegal per se, but not paying the smuggling tax is. Smuggling is defined as the transfer of goods between the Rhine and any unallied entity. It is believed that this group works for an off world government called The Kingdom. The thefts always seem to correlate with ACL (Aerial Combat League) events. Lance doesn't believe they are connected but are using them as cover since the constabulary is usually there keeping order and not on normal patrol.

The adventurers ask a few questions and discover that its more than just smuggling. The alleged smugglers are robbing local stores and smuggling the goods out. They seem mainly interested in liquor, smokes and women's underwear. The adventurers learn that an ACL event will be held this same evening in Pregada. They spread out and look for likely targets to be robbed. Dena decides to open a store that sells liquor, smokes and guns to be a good target.

During the ACL event the streets empty out and the adventurers start waiting. Erica ports from target store to target store looking for thieves. Eventually the adventurers stumble across multiple bands of would-be thieves. They all seem to possess keys, 23 silver and 2 tickets to the ACL event. They all also claim to be the store owners until convinced to tell the truth. Bizarrely they also carry buckets to transport their goods.

The adventurers learn that the store owners are largely in cahoots and that this is an insurance scam more than thievery but that the smuggling part is still legit. They learn the location of the portal back to the Kingdom. The go through and make it clear to the powers that be that are running the organization that they really don't care about the smuggling or the robbing but if they don't pay the tax there is going to be trouble. The smugglers look suprised but readily agree.

The adventurers report back that all is successful and are paid accordingly.

This was a _VERY_ fast adventure. Everything went smoothly and the group powered through and we were done by 9:30. crazy.

Noteworthy Postgame Events