January 16, 2010

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Garret Jax


You see a shiny thing in the sky...

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were abuducted by a race called the Selegro. They found that they apparently belive they were origonly from Jaren, and were searching for Jaren since before the big collision. They gained a diplomacy with the Jersey mages guild and were kept hidden from all other adventurers (told to hide behind the moon). There were 5 ships in total, and the ships apparently had no way of communication, which is why they abducted the adventurers. When they were taken to the planet, they felt a great connection to it, and after a while a pull to some place. This was found to be a hidden temple in a cave, which opened up to a fire temple. They found after a lot of killing things a dragon, which didn't seem fully in his mind. The dragon gave them these red gloves, which were fire elemental gloves. They bound themselfs to Summer, which gave her some special abilities (with the item of corse). They then returned and got paid medium favors

Noteworthy Postgame Events