October 20, 2001

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Foster (No Name)
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)
Byron of Trevon
Facillitator Carson


Adventurers are told that one of them appears in a portrait of Byron that was taken at 4:35 in the morning on Gorn the 13th of the year 9435. They are instructed to make sure that Krimnal's face is peering in the window when its supposed to be.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers are gathered together. Facillitator Carson pulls out a book titled "Pictures of Famous Dead People: 9400-9500". He turns to page 314 and shows the group a picture. The picture shows a man of about 50. Tall, pale, aristocratic looking. He is in a library. Behind him is a window that shows the tower of the Solarium and a tree. It also shows Kriman is a Kilroy pose peeking into the Window.

Carson says that if it was, it must be and they had damn well better make sure that Krimnal has his head poking through the window at that time. Kriman is given a timepiece to insure promptness. They are also told to bail quickly as the artist imaged the picture at that time but the painting itself was done posthumously.

The party arrives at the Natatorium of Trevon on 1/11 in the early afternoon. Danarak inquires about a good hotel with a brothel nearby. He is advised to go to "The Turtle" which is a nice hotel. Two doors over is "J's" which is a good brother for upper class courtesans. The party makes their way to that hotel and get rooms. A couple of players also hire company for the two days they are in town (Kriman hires a posse... 10 companions).

That very night Del and Danarak head out to scout out Byron's place. It is surrouned by a 15' high circular wall. There is large gate in the front and a smaller door at the rear of the wall. Danarak gets ontop of the wall and explains the layout to Danarak who takes notes and creaates some crude drawings. Danarak asks Del to lay low and heads off to buy some rope.

Realizing that any respectable place would be closed this time of night, Danarak goes to a bondage shop instead. There he gets rope and grappling hooks and promises the proprieter that he'll be back with a picture.

Danarak uses one grappling hook to get himself onto the wall. On the wall he ties a 50' piece of rope to a hook and asks Del to throw it onto the roof of the house. Del does this. It falls of the roof as they attempt to pull it tight and gets caught in a lot of shrubber. Ooops.

Danarak goes back to the bondage shop and buys more grappling hooks and ropes. He assures the proprieter that it'll be worth seeing his picture when this is done.

Back on the wall they attach a 100' of rope to a hook and throw it over the house. They hear a window break as the rope falls to the roof. They hall on the roof and get it tight. They then shimmy up the rope to the roof of the house. On the roof they attach a grappling hook into the chimney and then go down and enter through the broken window.

Inside they find an unlit room containing a bed, a large two doored cabinet, a dresser with large mirror and two doors: one to the closet, another to the hall. They open the door to the closet and Danarak casts a light spell. Inside the closet they see two people and then tendrils of darkness close over them and hold them tight. The two people step out (a man and a woman) issue a few blows and tie the would be thiefs up. They remove their weapons and packs and toss the two of them into a closet.

From within the closet the two can hear low voices talking outside the door. When the tendrils let up Danarak guides Del's hand into his pants to retrieve his holdout knife. In short order both have their bonds removed. Danarak listens at the door where people are arguing over quick death or torture first. Danarak and Del decide that a hasty retreat is in order.

They shoulder the closet door open and dive through the window onto their rope where they hastily climb to the roof. As they get to a roof they hear the young man start climbing their rope. They jump onto the grappling hook attached to the rope upon which they climbed to the roof and slide to the wall. After impacting the wall they see Byron materialize on the wall and offer them a hand up.

Del hits Byron with his grappling hook while Danarak throws himself over the wall and makes a run for it. Del throws himself over the wall but gets knocked unconsious in the fall. He wakes up in a bed, in the morning, with Byron and the younger man and woman looking down at him. Turns out Del is a follower of Rudri and he answers questions willingly enough. A lot of the answers make no sense (you and your friends travelled through time just to be in my painting?) but Byron listens well enough. He isn't impressed to hear that he is in the Book of Famous Dead People. During the discussion, Del notices that the younger gentleman looks uncomfortable when they start discussing Byron's death and an incident occuring during the artists visit.

Byron then asks Del to submit to a truth scan. Del agrees and they go to Byron's basement. Instead of the expected biting/draining, Byron hooks him up to a machine and re-asks some of the questions. Satisfied that Del told the truth, Byron let him loose and bid him a good day.

The party spends the day wandering around town. Ald-Vaya dropped by a tatooist and got some work done. Silvanti spent some time at the Solarium trying to convince the priests there that Byron was a Hirudo. He eventually got to see the high priest who assured Silvanti that Byron could not possibly be a Hirduo, he was in fact a faithfull member of the very Solarium. Silvanti remained unconvinced and the Beacon eventually beam ported to Byron's front door, knocked and went inside for a while.

He came back out 30 minutes later and beam ported back to the Solarium. He told Silvanti that Byron was not a hirudo. That they had just had tea (with lemon) and talked about how ridiculous that concept was. Byron had even spoke at length on what a bad influence Rudri was. Silvanti left in disgust.

While Del was out shopping he noticed that the young man from Byron's place was sitting in a bar talking with a Taurusite. Across the road in an alley was another Tarusite whatching them. A while later they rose, shook hands and Byron's man departed.

At 3:45AM the party headed for Byron's. There they found the gates open and a party in full swing. Del went inside. The rest of the party stopped at the doorway of the house.

After some playing with the guard dogs and passing a pipe of Sago (complements of Ald-Vaya) a plan was formulated. Silvanti and Krimnal went stickup along the wall of the house and made Krimnal's appearance at the window. Byron and the others in the room acknowledges his presence and went on discussing exact pose. After the minute passed Silvanti and Krimnal left the window and headed back to the party. As they were rounding the corner of the building they saw a flash of light from the wall accompanied by a small explosion about where the library used to be.

The party gathered at the doorway and Danarok begin reading the scroll that would return them to their own time. He was interrupted by a fist to the face and a hand trying to grab the paper from him. He turned to look and the younger man stood there. Del cut the man's nose off causing him to release the paper and run into the doorway where other party members (mainly Silvanti and No Name beat on him with swords.. after a bit the man ran futher into the house but was replaced by a guard. Danarak ran to the gate in the wall 30' away.

No Name grappled the guard dog. Danarok told people to hurry because he was reading. The party at large saw two men on the wall pointing a _VERY_ large tube at them and a group of Tauresions headed their way from outside the wall.

Silvanti gutted the guard. The Tauresions walked past the party headed for the guys with the big tube. Danarok finished reading the spell and the world faded to grey just as Silvanti beam ported into their midst.

Facillitator Carson requested an extra throurough report from this mission, Paid everyone 1000sp, offered to buy the dog from No Name and told everyone it'd be a good idea to learn a few phrases in Trejon before their next mission. Danarok asked some questions about Trevon and Carson told him to read about it in the Library. The party seemed suprised that they were allowed to use the library. Carson told them to go read whatever they wanted. They were told out of character that there are no reports or books in the library that go past the year 1035.

Noteworthy Postgame Events