December 12, 2009

Game Master
Mark Hulsman
Zarush (Necromancer, inventor of weapon cast)


By unanimous vote the Rougtero council has banned adventuring. Questions or complaints meet Jormar in the town square at noon

Plot Synopsis

Jormar came out to talk to everyone at noon and while he was walking over someone jumped out and assassinated him. Several people in the crowd used luck amulets and he was cleft in twain. The assassin ran away and the two halves of Jormar stuck themselves back together and continued on over to town square.
There was a lot of talking where adventurers complained and Jormar told them bullshit reasons why adventuring was banned. Gien Freeze Bodied Jormar and took him away to get some Object Delves done. They found out that Jormar was not captivated magically and that the clothes he was wearing basically started to exist just as he left the temple of Ra. They also killed Jormar about 5 more times and he kept getting better.
They decided to break into the council meeting hall and see what was going on. They were stalled for a very long time by a couple puds that just could not die which were eventually gang grappled and tied up. In the council chamber were 4 more puds that could not die which did pretty serious damage to the party because they had guns. After a long fight the puds were once again grappled and tied up and the adventurers found a magic crystal with dancing lights inside it.
Angela took it and the party all ran away in different directions. Angela kept getting attacked by puds that could not die just popping up around her until she broke the magic item. It exploded and did some serious damage to her, but she survived and the attacks stopped. Later the council members stumbled out of the basement confused and revoked the ban.

Noteworthy Postgame Events