November 21, 2009

Game Master
Preston Wiley
Jolmar Oldarth


Adventures need to help protect Rougtero. Meet at the Solarium.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers learn the the rogue Isisites are planning to destroy the docks at some point of the near future. They stake out the dock and eventually notice them planted explosives under them. They manage to stop them for planting the explosives, but an Isisite that is on a ship in at one of docks is dealt a significant amount of damage and will not go down. After he starts to run away, Dena decides she's had enough and set off a large magical bomb under the dock he's hiding under and kill him as well destroying the dock.

The turn in two Isisites and find a joined coin among there belongings. The other coin is determined to be in the sewers. Even though some destruction occurred. The lose of a single dock is better then losing all of them and they are paid for their services.

Noteworthy Postgame Events