October 24, 2009

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko


Cs’esl of the Natatorium in Rougtero has postings put up. “Looking for adeventurers to investigate and possibly stop a potential threat. Meet at the Rougtero Natatorium at 11 am on the 25th”.

Plot Synopsis

Reio arrives at the Natatorium at 10 am then inquires about the hiring before going for a swim. A little latter Belebem arrives but goes to the mud baths after inquiring. At 10:30 Simjat and Summer show up and knock on the door. The attendee tells them to come in and then she directs them to room 2. Reio and Belebem are given notice of the meeting starting in 5 minutes. They rinse off and show up just as some food arrives. At 11 Cs’esl arrives in the room. He explains that something seems to be affecting the water levels in the Lojem atoll. He explains reports of a slight current abnormality at both the West End gap and at Port Haven. Belebem quickly determines there must be some sort of portal causing this. Impressed at the quick thinking Cs’esl offers 50 sp a day with a 500 payoff for actionable information. The party agrees and ask for travel arraignments and if they could be given anything to help them breath underwater. Cs’esl leaves to arrange for a boat and runs into Arya arriving 5 minutes late. Cs’esl directs her into the room saying they have agreed. Arya goes in and Belebem immediately asks if she is one of the acolytes. Confused at first they sort things out. Cs’esl comes back with four acolytes and tells them that “the Crustacean” is at Dock 1 slip 4.The party with the 4 acolytes go to the docks and are invited onto the boat. The captain asks them where to and the part determine to go to the west as that is closer.

When they get there it is early evening. The acolytes defer some Air Pockets and Reia and Arya go for a swim off a long boat. They find a current heading through the gap and to the south. They use a rope floating on the waters surface to trace the current. Their method stops when the come out of the island grouping in the west. They have the ship bring them to Port Haven while they sleep. At Port Haven they also determine there is an incoming current. They head north and loose the trail near former Lock IEI. They head west toward an small island. The island has a garden and a small house. They determine no one is home. Belebem and Summer decide to wait for someone to come home while the others go back to the ship. They go back to IEI and the 3 get three deferred Air Pockets and dive in. They quickly find that water is flowing into the old Lock house. Reio cast Stickum and grabs a wall but Simjat and Arya get sucked into the building and ejected onto a small platform in an airpocket. Reio follows along with a lamp. After some deliberation they decide to follow where the water is going. They gut sucked and and pop out of the air into a cranberry bog. The bog is a mile long and half mile wide. At the other end in a second water fall coming out of the air. The edges of the bog have an aquaduct system with a 50 foot fall. Below well irrigated field stretch on for miles. They find a stairway down and head “south”. They notice the sky has a blue sun and a pinkish sky. After a walk they come across a shack. Arya knocks on the door and hears some movement inside. After opening the door and going in a dwarf knocks him upside the head but the others come in. The dwarf starts asking the party questions and why Reio is naked. He backs off and gets a blanket and pushes a button in the kitchen. After some conversation where the party finds out nothing except he is not from here and he learns they are from Jearn. The party leaves after the dwarf tells them guards are on the way. They head back to the bog.

Meanwhile Belebem and Summer send object a note for the ship to pick them up as they are bored. The ship arrives and the Captain comes ashore on the long boat. They captain finds it very odd that the “Adventurers” had not broken into the house when they got bored. He tells them the others had gone into the water hours ago and the acolytes where no longer powering the Air Pockets. Before getting on the long boat the adventures decide they might as well break in but don’t know how. The captain kicks the door in for them. Going in they find a stairwell going down into the island. 7 flights of stairs down they arrive at a corridor that goes on for 4 and a half mets. They come to a bulkhead door and hear water on the other side. Opening the door they find water flowing through the room and into the wall. Summer finally goes into the water and pops out the other waterfall above the cranberry bog.

At the bog the other 3 are busy hiding from 5 guards who just recently arrived but take the long way around the bog. Summer pops out just as the guards are on the opposite side of the bog. Simjat, Arya and Reio are surprised to see Summer but they determine that they can escape through this waterfall but they don’t think they can make it without some new Air Pockets. Summer goes back through using stickum to fight the current. Belebem runs back to the boat to get help. As he gets back with 4 marines to help pull the rope the guards on the other side have gotten close enough to notice the rope hanging out from under the waterfall. The party uses the falls as cover before Reio steps out and tries to gust the guards off the edge. One falls off but catches himself and another jumps and grabs the end of the rope. Arya and Simjat are grappled and Reio runs off into the bog. Belebem pops out and after some discussion and threats from both sides the guards allow the party to leave but warn them not to do anything about their water.

The party heads back and reports what they have found. Cs’esl pays them 650 sp for their work. 2700 eps.

Noteworthy Postgame Events