August 24, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Fedhe (must play with yarn ball...)
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Azarith (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Wind (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Captain Ari


Captain Ari is looking for some able bodied individuals to accompany him and his crew to the site of a sunken ship for recovery. Individuals are requested as escorts and the assist the Captain as requested. A share of the recovered goods is offered to all accepted.

Plot Synopsis

Players meet Captain Ari at his ship and he ask each one what they can do and why they should be hired. He hires lizards on the spot and the others show him their talents. After the Captain has hired the players they set off. A few hours after they set sail, they run into a very bad storm complete with lightning and heavy rain. Dom stays on the deck and gets struck by lightning. This prompts him to seek shelter below deck.

On their journey they learn the the ship they are seeking the recover the cargo from was Captain Ari former ship and sunk by an explosion that happen during a mutiny lead by the Captain's former first mate. They also learned that he might also be back to try to recover the cargo from the sunken ship. He has with him about one-third of the crew from the ship the sunk.

The are close to the site when another big storm hits them. The Captain says that he will attempt to find his bearings when the storm lets up and that they should be there soon. They arrive at night a decide to wait until day to begin the recovery operation. During the night the ship is boarded by the enemy using rowboats and grappling hooks. Only the three people on watch realize this and yell into the crew quarters. Eventually everyone wake up and a battle ensues. Dom, Siilex, Azarith, and some of the ship's crew participt into the killing of these intruders. After the battle, they return to sleep.

Morning comes and the plans begin on the recovery operation. Fehde and an NPC lizard, Puff, dive down an search for the wreckage. They don't find much on the first dive, but they find it a few hundred feet away on the second dive. The crew above move the ship over the wreckage and prepare the diving bell. Dom and Wind join the two lizards in the water and begin loading the cargo into the net they dropped down. After a few hours of recovery, the divers notice 4 lizards coming toward them with spears and the crew above notice a ship heading toward them. The divers head for the surface and the other ship begins firing on the ship. Fehde uses the "Hot or Cold" spell to surround to of the lizard's heads in ice and Morgan casts "Instill Fear" on another. After the diver's surface, the crew of their ship begin loading the catapults and firing back at the enemy ship. Dom flies to the other ship and fights the enemies firing the catapult at them. He gets fired on by archers and eventually kills then, but not before suffering a near fatal grapple. He was lucky to be wearing a helmet. When the ship is about 100' from their ship, the crew and players realize that they are going to get rammed. They begin lowing the long boats and when the enemy ship is 40' away they board the long boats and begin rowing away. The ship gets rammed and begins to sink, 12 seconds later, the ship goes down. One of the crew members dies from being hit by wreckage, but everyone else survives.

They don't know where to head, but Dom flies up and spots an island in the distance and they head toward it. They arrive a few hours later and it is a small island with a few coconut trees on it. Dom finds a fishing village about 30 minutes away and hires a boat to pick up the people on the island. They eventually find their way back to there homes and the adventure is over.

Noteworthy Postgame Events

2 magic items given out. PSW111 PSW112
2500 experience given out.