October 24, 2009

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Jolmar Oldarth


Adventurers requested to investigate and halt a potentional threat

Plot Synopsis

Jormar tells the adventurers about a potential plot by some rogue Isisites to blow up a structure in Rougtero. They have two names of people likely involved, but have little else. They want the adventurers to stop any plan that exists.

Anor, being a Raite, heads to the temple of Isis where she talks to a grumpy priest and he eventually gives the home locations of the two priests. He also mentions that the Raites have already talked to him and the two priests haven't been seen for a few weeks.

They break into each of their house and find a coded letter in each one. Hason uses various contacts to get the letter decoded, which takes a few hours, and they discover that the Isisites plan to blowup the bell tower during the night in two days. They stake out the bell tower on the day in question and proceed to get beat down by 6 Isisites. When it looks like the adventurers get the upper hand in the battle, a seventh Isisite make an entrance and paralyzes the remaining party members that aren't grapple. After that, an eighth priest is summoned and proceeds to "Take Down" the grappled opponents. The 8 Isisites then proceed to run away.

The adventurers successfully foil the plot, but the Isisites escape. Regardless, they are rewarded for the limited success as promised and make a pact to never speak of these events again (mainly the Isisite beat down).

Noteworthy Postgame Events