September 12, 2009

Game Master
Rob Gilham-Westerman
Von Darwin
Rupert of the Orange Tome


Your pal “one-armed willie” has a lead on job for you. Pay willie 10 sp and go to the “Drunk Duck” at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The smugglers of Little Lentri (the elven barrio in the old portal farm) have been having trouble with a particular criminal network, the Obsidian Guild that operates in the Hegemony, who have been interfering with some of their intra planar contacts and smuggling routes. They decided to send a message, and activated Gregor, their primary agent.

The party all talk with willie, and make their way to the “Drunk Duck”, which seems to be a hastily constructed shack in an alley. The hanging sign outside depicting a vomiting duck appeared to have been carved with a bent fork. As everyone entered they were greeted by a large man standing behind a table with a clay jug labeled “xxx” and several worn tin cup. Shortly after everyone arrived, Gregor, a nomadic elven woman, showed up and ushered everyone into a carriage with Von Darwin choosing to ride on the backboard. The coach took a circuitous route to a warehouse located in little lentri.
The party was offered 500 sp a week with a minimum of 4 weeks work to deliver, activate, and observe the results of a box to a major Hegemony trade city. The trek was to take them to the dead Hegemony world which was supposed to harbor a smuggler’s base that would have a portal to this trade world. To this end the party was provided with a map that appeared smudged with various nomadic powders and oils and a box that would magically summon a ring which instructed the wearer in the use of the device. The party then stayed the night at the warehouse and headed out for Centralia in the morning.
Gregor had told the party that they did not have control of the portal, located in Prall, to the dead world, and as such they would have to find a way to access it. After some discussion, Von Darwin said he would try to gain access through legal channels. His initial attempts at the Centralia Guild of Wizards proved fruitless, so he decided to visit Lady Chelsea to gain her support. Lady Chelsea, who is often left out of loop when comes to Lords’ planning, decided to back Von Darwin, giving him pass to use the portal, a special pair of glasses to wear when activating the device, and a platinum trade bar worth ~12,000 sp.
Meanwhile, the rest of the party was waiting at a local bar and grill for Von Darwin. Rupert and Pancakinator guarded the wagon while the rest of the party went for dinner. Two thugs dressed in the only clothing they owned and made some implied threats about the wagon. Rubert and Pancakinator
pulled their weapons and told them to shove off. The two thugs backed down professing that they “didn’t want any trouble” while leaving. Staying vigilant, Rupert and Pancakinator were able to avoid an ambush when they came back with a friend. The two had just about dispatched the trio when Angela and Gien came out to help mop up.
Von Darwin returns with the passes and the party gets underway to the portal. After showing the pass the guards at the portal grudgingly let them through, but are happy to sell the adventurers some of their supplies before seeing them off. The party goes through to the dead world, but Gien returns shortly to obtain a shovel. He decides to paralyze the guards and promptly steals their money. Upon returning to the dead world Von Darwin tosses the stolen cash back through the portal.
The party then follows the map across barren plans where only a small scrub grass seems to be thriving. They eventually come across hills and discover the cave where the smugglers have hidden their depot. After some messing around they get into the base and meet a disembodied spirit that seems to be bound to the hideout. There was some discussion with the spirit who convinces the party to install him in a ship which will enable the spirit to take the party to the moon base. The party then removes a crystal from a control panel and installs it in what appears to be a small shuttlecraft. A short trip later finds the party on the moon base from which they take a portal to the destination trade world.
Upon arriving at the trade world the party inspects the city from roughly 3 mets and discusses the plan of attack. Von darwin enmasses himself and Gien after activating the device. They run up to the city wall while the patrols begin to mobilize. While being shot at with crossbows, the package is magically glued to the outer wall and a few fireballs get tossed at various guard towers. Gien beats a hasty retreat while Von Darwin keeps the patrols busy. He finally bugs out when two air mages appear on the horizon and start chucking lightning bolts. After regrouping at the cave the party hides behind some boulders while Von darwin watches using a special pair of glasses given to him by Lady Chelsea. The package then explodes in a “Hiroshima sized” mushroom cloud, vaporizing the entire Hegemony trade city. The party then returns to Jaern and meets with Gregor to receive payment. Von darwin returns to Lady Chelsea to report and return the glasses.

Noteworthy Postgame Events