May 09, 2009

Game Master
Sean Strantz
Raven Hooker


Recapture lost member of temple.

Plot Synopsis


Adventures were called to the Moon Light Study in the old portal farm and asked to recapture a lost member of the temple. The adventures traveled new world and were each given a button that they could use to get home but told that it might not work once they made it inside the base they were to infiltrate. The adventures quickly found the base they had to enter but debated on how to get in undetected. Some members of the party scouted the outside area to find that they were very secluded and eventually the party used magic to “drill” a hole in the outside wall. The adventures were found by a set of guards but after winning initiative Raven divine worded them to keep patrolling silently. The party slowly made their way into the center of the base and found the person they were looking for they attempted to use magic to get into her room and failed so the resorted to just smashing in the glass. After killing a few guards they ran for the hills and after making it out of the base used their items to get home safe.

Noteworthy Postgame Events