September 26, 2009

Game Master
Andrew M. Luers


Fallout world

Plot Synopsis

I have been running in the Fallout setting. During this Time both Isis and Zefern have placed priests there. They been "fighting" over followers as well as keeping the other Jern Gods out of the magic heavy plane. No blood, allot of bad talking about the other god(s). Isis has been removing large amounts of magic from here. She seems to also have taken a large space ship from here.

The main effect on the rest of the setting is that steel armor is 2000 to 4000 Sp less in Red Dirt. Members of the Red-Dirt Rondo as well as nomads get a better deal. Steel ready to be fitted to a buyer in the back of most Red-dirt Rondo's stores.

The poor are getting larger amounts of salt from begging at the temples of Isis.

Magic items
AML A002 50 cal rifle - Josh, Jax
AML A003 50 cal rifle - Sean, Argen II
AML A008 +3 Dagger
AML A021 Mike, Toupe- Must eat human flesh/blood weekly or risk blacking out and attacking nearest human. Eating human blood/fleas heals 10 DP once per day.
AML A020 medical books - 20 century earth - mostly that found in a high school.


Noteworthy Postgame Events