September 15, 2001

Game Master
Sean McLane
Larkin (let Ra never forget my name)
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)


Half the party was on extended contract, returning from previous missions, while the rest were contracted out of Rougtero.

Plot Synopsis

This time, they were to retrieve a metamagical formula devised by an elvin Theoritician in 8690 inthe City of Furnis. Argen asked incessant questions, wanting details about the culture of the place they are going, only to be told that more details would be provided when the rest of the party was met. He delayed departure so he could go look up information himself, finding out that the City of Furnis was destroyed in 8690 when the island it was on (also named Furnis) was reduced to a crater after the volcano on the island exploded.

WHen the party finally got together, They were given details. The elf (whose name is on a pice of paper that I misplaced) is a researcher at a rather advanced university in Furnis. He had published a couple of other volumes, but that his last theories were lost when he was killed with everybody else in the City.

The group went to the University, and immediately split up in several different directions, agreeing to meet back at the room where they arrived, at noon. (The volcano is known to have exploded in the mid to late afternoon)

Vaya went to the Library, found the Elf's published volumes, then located his most recent notes, which covered from the latest published work up to about 6 months previous to now. She put together an Arithmatic Snuff, and started copying down some of the formulae.

Kal'ron (going by the alias of Jimothy) Looked up the place where magical experiments were conducted, and was directed to a small stone building about 500 yards away from any other structure, in the middle of a large open area, where nothing was growing. he and Larken looked around the place, which was unoccupied except for a janitor, trying to find any magic items that might have been left lying about. They were of course disappointed. Larken did find a rack of brass rings, and attempted to steal several of them, but the Janitor caught him, and made him put them back. The two of them then went to the University directory, and tried to determine where all the magical devises for the university were stored... but didn't find any such place, at least marked on a public map.

Krimnal went to the Library, and extensively researched the Sroggite holy writings.

Argen, Tego, Don and Mara looked up where the Elf was doing his research, and went there to talk with him. Argen took the lead, and claimed he was doing some research, and wanted to know if he could get a copy of the most recent notes. The elf said that he could have some scribes come over and make a copy that would be ready by this time the next day. Argen said that they needed the notes sooner, and the elf said he would try to get the scribes to work faster, and might be able to get them done by dinner time. Argen insisted they be done sooner, and tried to convince the elf that the island was going to explode. The elf brushed it off saying something about the crackpot fortune tellers. Argen made a complete pest of himself, and said he would provide complete research notes about the geology of the island, and how it was indeed going to blow up. The elf shoo'd him out.

There was a bunch more puttering about by everyone, including Argen trying desperately to put together a set of research notes in the span of two hours that would convince someone that he was a knowlegable geologist who had drawn the conclusion the island was going to blow up. Kal'ron decided to go to the Enclave, where martial arts classes were going on. He was made to do 50 pushups by the Troupon who was conducting the class, then was asked to show his wrestling capability. He first got grappled, and was not able to break free. After being let go, he said he'd show his stuff. He promptly critted his opponent, but only ended up breaking his own finger.

Vaya went to the Elf's research area, and convincingly told him that she was a new student at the university, and wanted to learn from him. She turned the charm on high, and basically wrapped the elf around her little finger. She convinced him to let her copy his more recent notes in exchange for going out for dinner later tonight. The elf was apparently smitten with her, and promised that he would give her lots of 'private instruction'.

Everybody but Argen met back at the rendezvous point, except for Argen. He showed up and tried to go in, but found the door locked. He picked the lock, and opened the door on the Elf who was still inside, with the scribes. Argen tried to force his way into the Elf's research room, but wasn't allowed in. He showed off his 'research notes', which did not impress the Elf, then finally, grabbed the elf and threw him to the ground outside the door. Argen closed the door and locked it, then started gathering up the notes the Scribes were transcribing. He threatened to set off a fireball if everyond didn't back into corners.

The elf opened the door (he had the key, after all) as Argen activated an item that let him fly. As he lunged for the window, one of the scribes grabbed hold of Argen, and tried to keep him from going. Three Priests of T'or were running down the street, and the elf began casting a spell. At that point, Argen managed to break free, and flew directly to the rendezvous, and everyone left, returning to the briefing area.

Vaya handed over all the notes she obtained, and everyone was paid the remainder of their fee for that mission. Argen was told that he probably would not get any use out of the notes he had stuffed under his shirt, but was allowed to keep them.

2500 xp was given to everybody.

Noteworthy Postgame Events