September 01, 2001

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Sean McLane
Facillitator Lewis


Facillitator Lewis needs an item rescued before the seawall breach destroys Karfelon.

Plot Synopsis

Two adventurers were recruited new, from the past, Several were given offers to extend their contracts from the previous week, and a couple more were recruited from the future, which is actually the present.

(ain't time travel fun?)

It was decided that all the participants would be briefed more completely, so that they would work together as a team. The group was assigned to go to Karfelon, in 8533, to recover a powerful artifact that is to be lost when the silver mine collapses in the flood resulting from the breaching of the Sea Wall.

The group was brought to a room in an Inn on the day of the seawall breach. They were told that sometime later in the day, the breach would occur, and the town would be detroyed. If they had not exited by then, they would die. Secrecy was urged, informing them that they could not let any of the people from Karfelon know that they were doomed. Even the two from that time agreed.

From the Inn, they went to the mine, to scope it out. They saw that there was a foreman overseeing things, with carts full of rock occasionally coming out, and being dumped over a cliff. Smaller carts with silver ore were heading into town. The were able to find out that there were only about 25 people in the mine itself, though there was a lot of traffic in and out of the entrance. They also noticed a shack off to the side, that covered a ventilation shaft.

They decided to use the Ventilation shaft to climb down. Two of the party members created a distraction, by having a very loud fight near the mine entrance. Meanwhile everybody else sneaked to the shack to climb down. Part way down the shaft, the third person to climb in slipped and fell. The second did't hang on, and all of them fell onto the third person, who managed to hang on, and managed to wedge all three in the narrow shaft.

Meanwhile, the distraction above continued, when the human grappled the huge lizard, managing to pin him, such that the lizard could not break free. The T'orites were finally called in to mediate.

The others managed to free themselves, and climbed down without incident. Once inside, they waited until the coast was clear, then went forward to take care of the guy using the artifact: a Safety Dagger. A couple of quick spells were cast, and the miner went down under a paralyze spell. The group took the dagger, and ran back the way they came, to start climbing out of the shaft. Two Priests of Osiris turned themselves into slugs to manage to get out easily.

Meanwhile, Facilitator Lewis came out to tell the big lizard that he had a special task for him. Samples of a rare plant that was soon to go extinct were in the bottom of Lake Alfrego. The lizard went in to retrieve the plants, and came up an hour later with proper samples.

Everybody quickly ran for the Inn, locked the door, and handed over the dagger. They read the scrolls to get them out, and faded out, just as the sea wall collapsed again.

Exp handed out: 2600
Money handed out: 2000 for the veterans, and 1000 for the newbies.

Noteworthy Postgame Events