August 25, 2001

Game Start Date
1-25-10035 and
Game End Date
Game Master
Sean McLane
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)
Dave the Barbarian
Evelyn Winters
Bergman (10035)
Lewis (8530 - Facillitator for Lojem, pretending t


1. 10035 - The arch mage Bergman want people to retrieve an artifact for him. 2. 8530 - Meet me at The Bar in Traverstown. Very interesting mission...

Plot Synopsis

In 10035 the Bergman explains to the group that he wants them to go back in time. Apparently at down on Gorn 27, 8530 the great pump that was constructed to pump water out from within the sea wall, thus creating a much larger land mass for Lojem, will blow up. When it blows up the artifact powering it blows up also. Bergman wants the group to go back in time and steal the artifact instead of letting it blow. In case its the artifact that was supposed to blow up he gives them a bomb to put in the artifacts place. That way Time is satisfied and remains unchanged, yet the artifact still gets to be saved. The party agrees to the mission for 2000sp. Bergman gives them a gold coin which he assures them is a bomb and will make a big explosion at dawn on the 27th. He also gives them a scroll and tells them to read it as soon as they have the artifact and have placed the bomb and it will return them to this time. Bergman then reads another scroll and sends them hurtling back in time to The Bar in traverstown.

In 8530 Lewis, going under the name Bergman, tells a small group of adventurers that the big pump is going to blow up in two days. He explains that this may seem like an incredible claim but it is an absolute fact and cannot be avoided. However the situation can be salvaged a little bit if they go rescue an item from the pump just before its detonation. The party takes some convincing, put in the end the pumps going to blow up anyway, they may as well make a dollar on the deal (or 500sp in this case).

The two parties meet up and party for a day at The Bar but don't reveal to one another what their mission is. Eveylyn charters a boat to do some night fishing. Both parties gather at the docks that night. There is some confusion about why the traverstown party is getting into Evelyn's boat (Evelyn is from the future). Mara mentions blowing up the pump but the party from the future pleads ignorance but finally let Mara and Dave The Barbarian into their boat (with the plan of knocking them overboard when they get out into the lake). Wilhelm (also of Traverstown) meanwhile hitches a ride with a supply boat headed out to the pump.

Wilhelm gets to the pump first and after a couple of false starts slips off the boat and up to the pump station. He announces to the Tor'ites there that the place is going to blow up at dawn. A priestess of Atena told him all about it. Naturally the priests thought he was a crackpot so tied him up and put him in a corner for safe keeping until the next supply boat arrived to send him back on.

Meanwhile... the Rougtero party gets the drop on the two people (Mara and Dave) from Traverstown. Dave gets a darksleep and Mara manages to shave off the spell intended for her and slip into the water (being a Lizard is good). The Rougtero party then starts sailing for the pump station... Mara follows them at a slower swimming pace.

A few hours later the Rougtero party reaches the pump. They stop 200 yards out and slip overboard. They set the sail to head north and swim toward the pumphouse ladder. When the reach the ladder they remove the darksleep from Dave the Barbarian (who is still in the boat). At about that time one of the Torites notices Dave's boat and calls his partners attention to it. Dave takes the help and starts steering the boat back toward the pump house.

The Rougtero party starts up the ladder. Mini-G's metal armor makes a noise and the Torites become aware of their party. Evelyn has meanwhile cast a stickup and is going up the sea wall. The Torites close the hatch over the ladder effectively stranding the party on the latter. Eveylyn comes around from the side and combat ensues. Eveylyn knocks one Torite off the station. Don casts an arise and makes his way to the top of the platform. Evelyn opens the hatch allowing the rest of the party to come up. General combat ensues.

Interesting points from the combat: two mages come into the pump house from within the wall and toss a couple of woosy spells. They are eventually killed. The Torite is darkpained and kicked into the ocean (obviously he dies). The party hears someone say "notify shore" and those outside see a fireball burst into the air over the sea wall. The combat ends pretty quickly. No casualties for the party, only one Torite left alive (and a small handful of slaves that are busy turning a screw).

Much time and investigation later (investigation = destruction) the party has not found any artifact. They are convinced that Bergman sent them here to blow up the pump station. The remaining Torite tricks most of the party into the pump room, locks them in and starts up the pump which begins filling that room with water. He then tells Evelyn to give him the bomb or they all die.

Evelyn immediately timehalts the Torite and attempts to shut off the pump. She is stopped by Dave the Barbarian. Lots of discussion between Dave and Evelyn.

Wilhelm meanwhile... takes the boat and starts rowing (quickly) for Traverstown. He has no intention of being there for the big boom and is not aware that Evelyn has a method of escape.

Meanwhile the people in the pump room are watching the room fill with water. They plan to wait for it to fill and then just leave via the pipe the allows the water to go into the ocean. They send a lizard up the pipe ahead of themselves to make sure there is a rope there to climb to the top of the seawall with. No problems.

Dave and evelyn come to an agreement and the Torite is restored to his normal timestream. A bit of discussion later and the Torite is convinced that the place is going to blow. After securing Evelyns promise that she will get him safely away from the explosion and that no one in her party will hurt him... he release the party from the pump room, shuts off the pump and pulls the artifact out of hiding.

Evelyn reads the scroll. Outside Wilhelm sees the first rays of sun come up over the sea wall and then the pump explodes. He is picked up by the Torite reinforcements that were on their way to the pump. He is taken back to Traverstown.

End of adventure. Everyone received 2500 eeps.

Noteworthy Postgame Events