May 16, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Gien Grilyman
Vem-Dena Silverwing (Mage, Necromancer, Bladedancer, Spelldancer, Smith, Nomad, Evil Super Genius. Also grew 3 islands of her own and makes the most delicious pies ever to exist in the multiverse. Now a )
Llew (Water so much water)
Pridal Sourman
Kel-ee Prower
Johuen Brahn
Jerompe Catall
Henpoo Karda


People needed to recover documents and materials. Meet Pridal at the

Plot Synopsis

The party shows up on time. Pridal is there with a assortment of breakfast type foods (grapes, crescents, cantelope, ...) on the table. He stands 5'9" with Brown hair and Blue eyes.

He explains that the headquarters of the Sky skimmers had been ransacked. He offers the party 5000 sp for document recovery and

10,000 silver for the recovery of parts that were stolen. They agree to the offer. Pridal tells them they will meet Kel-ee there and she will show them around.

Von steps outside and ENMASSes picks up the party and runs on down the road. An hour later they arrive and meet Kel-ee. She recounts her discovery of the dead guards and that things were missing. Llew
does a little CSI work and finds some sea weed outside the door to the building. The office had obviously been "cleaned" as there were no loose papers anywhere. Llew also notices the tops of a few trees are broken off to the east. Gien checks out the 3 dead guards and finds they had not been looted just killed. Car-Colin tries to "befriend" Kel-ee while the others are doing their work. When asked Kel-ee tells them that three filing cabinets had been stolen as well as parts for the skimmer, fuselage pieces and wings. Von tries using FLUENCY to ask local rodents if they had seen anything but gets only "food?" and "sex?" for replies.

Based on the tree tops they head east towards Province Landing. Dena crams some of the party into her shadow and flies to Province Landing. While Llew takes his tiger and heads through the woods. Dena
and the others get there first and wait for Llew to catch up.

Llew heads to the harbor to check it out. Dena meanwhile sends her ghosts Berry and Cal to check the town over for places that might be used to store the missing parts. Dena and Colin then start asking
around if anyone had seen any large flying things or parts. Car-Colin starts to write a song after he comes up with an idea to get
information. Von also goes to the docks. Von and Llew meet up and go to the harbor master. He tells them there had been only two boats to have arrived and that one left the night before from pier 3 slip 6. Dena starts passing around info about a traveling Bard and Minstral and free servings of "Dena" brand pie. Llew and Von split up and look for a priest who can cast REVEAL THE PAST. Von first goes to the temple of Ra and finds they do have one priest, Jerompe, who can. After a brief delay, as the sun was setting, Jerompe is brought over to Von. Jerompe says he will take 100 silver and dinner at "Skimmer and Things". Llew finds about another while at the Orus tent cluster but they can't locate him.

At 8pm Car-Colin has his concert and sings the YEs sONG incant compelling the audience to enjoy the music and if they had seen
anything bigger than a bird flying in the last 2 days or if they have seen Sky Skimmer parts they should talk to Dena who is
handing out pies. During the song 3 people come over and tell Dena of various things they had seen flying. One saw an Flugofiso,
another saw a Shadow Drako and third saw his friend fly through the air into a building after a trampoline jump. Dena then asks where the Drako was seen. After his song Colin gathers groupies many of which were male.

When Von and Llew meet up again they give Jerompe the seaweed they found and he casts REVEAL THE PAST. The image showed the seaweed appeared stuck to a shoe and flying through the air with at least 4
other individuals there. After going over a beach and forest it arrives at the base and falls off at the scene of the break-in.
They notice at least one lizard is in the group as it goes in and out of the building. They see the filing cabinets dragged out on
a carpet and the spell ends.

The rest of the party meets up with Von and Llew then go to the pier. Another REVEAL THE PAST shows a boat being loaded with grain. Having come to dead ends at the pier, they head to the beach they saw in the vision that Jerompe recognized. When they get to the beach Dena flies Von up to get a good view to see if the scene looks
familiar from the vision and it does. Von lies down in the water and gets big again, has the party climb on his back and he starts swimming. Dena navigates. They find a boat the "Night Skimmer" Cefo Henpoo. After terrifying him with the threat of them being adventurers he opens a hold door and they see piles of fish. They determine this boat is not the boat they were looking for.

After a few more hours they finally come across an unlit boat. Dena goes invisible and flies over. She finds the on-deck crew alert and looking in their direction but not actually appearing to see them. She FLATTENS and goes into the hold and finds the

stolen parts but not the filing cabinets. She goes back and reports to the others. A few RIVERMANs and FLATTENS are cast and everyone gets off of Von Darwin and they head to the ship. As Von is swimming
forward he smells a Balenoigajo at which point he drops his ENMASS. He is then rammed out of the water by the creature. Dena then
Blue Fields it. Von swims on and thrusts out of the water onto the starboard side deck. There he takes a few arrow shots and a
Ballista bolt from the forward mount while letting out 2 fireballs and stabbing one and shooting at another. Meanwhile Dena
distracts the on deck crew with a LAMP on the deck before going below decks. Gien gets aboard and he stuns one of the crew
then gets impaled into unconsciousness. Llew uses his drills and tosses the crew overboard while Car-Colin takes shots at crewmen
he can see from 120 feet away. The crew try to put up a fight but are mostly unable to hit the FLATTENED attackers. The ballista operator is caught in a HALT TIME. After most of the crew have been thrown off or killed a bell is rung and the 2 crew left on board dive off the boat and a fire is seen up in the crows nest. Both Von and Dena dowse put the fire out.

Von swims the boat back to Province Landing then heads back to the combat site to find what happened to the survivors now that he had healed from the massive amount of damage he had taken a his weapon was broke during a crit and then the ballista bolt he was shot with for its best damage. Von then tracks the scent of the Balenoigajo
to an island, shortly after dawn, where he finds footprints in the sand but no more tracks beyond the shore. He heads back and they take the parts back to the Skimmer base. Kel-ee pays 10,000 sp for the parts they leave for Rougtero. Before leaving the boat in Province Landing they hired a minimal crew to take it from Province Landing where no one was interested and sell it for 100,000 in Red Dirt.

The next day Dena goes back to the HALT TIME and redoes the Balenoigajo then gets Herno the ballista operator when the one he
was in ends. He tells them if asked he was just hired a few days before by one of the dead crew.

The crew that survived escaped using a deferred Balenoigajo and got on Shadow Drakos when daylight arrived. The filing cabinets were emptied and tossed into the sea and SEND PACKAGE was used on the contents.

Noteworthy Postgame Events