May 09, 2009

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Andy's Character
Hanah Hazard (Priestess of both Almar and Orus. She is completely insane and likes it that way.)
Oka-Boka (A badass bear slaying nomad)
Chris' Character


People wanted to help rig a competition

Plot Synopsis

Rougtero is having a competition with three games, a poker style Jaernian card game, melee combat, and wrestling. The employer wants to win two of the three competitions and wants the adventurers to assure that happens.

Even though competitors have already been signed up, Hannah is able to get on the backup list and after the Isisite and Auger manage to put a sleeping drug into the competitor's water, backups are needed at an alarming rate. Using Oka-boka in the audience to watch cards, the card competition comes down to the employer and Hannah. Hannah throws that match and the employer wins. For the wrestling match, both Hannah and the employer are a bit out matched and they both go out in the first or second round. The melee competion requires getting 5 hits on your opponent to win and Hannah exits with a crushed hand. The employer makes it to the final round and through a fair bit of (non-nomadic) luck manages to win.

Overall of the adventurers are paid a few hundred silver each from the prize money.

Noteworthy Postgame Events