April 25, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Joshua Ellison
Gien Grillyman


Adventurers needed to explore offworld portal and look for someone that has not been see since the Shift.

Plot Synopsis

The party showed up and discussed terms and payments to explore one of
the offworld portals that the CMG had made. The employer being the
Jersey mages guild.

The party then went through the portal where one NPC went off to search
on his own while the party went to scout a town that was previously
known about (only the location). When they got there, they noticed that
this town had been raided and destroyed by another group of adventurers.
After speaking with the 19 survivors, they found some interesting rumors
about these adventurers. They had bragged about being from a planet that
had destroyed several planes.

The party took the adventurers back to Jaern with them but on the way
saw three of these other adventurers who set up and killed a few of the
remaining survivors. It is not known where they come from or exactly
what they can do.

The NPC came back slightly injured and explained that he ran into a few
problems of his own and that another town had been destroyed in the
opposite direction. Both of these towns were approximatly 2-3 mets in
diameter big.

Party was paid and given experience with a bonus of a 25% reduction on
the cost of 1 magic item ID from Jersey.

Noteworthy Postgame Events