April 25, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Daniel Williams
Argen II
Raz Hason
Raven Hooker


Adventurer's needed to help explore otherworlds, meet at CGoW

Plot Synopsis

The adventurer's go through the portal and find themselves in the middle
of a city. The city guards find them and after finding out that they are
inter-dimensional travelers, they are summoned to the local mage's guild
to help with a inter-dimensional problem. The adventurer's find out that
the locals lack the ability to learn Air:Dimensions group and do not know
anything about planar travel. The locals are also having trouble with a
demi-god from another plane that has started a rebellion against their
King.* -Demi-god turns out to be the god-daughter of Daydelus, who went planes hopping with her two
siblings. But the siblings got split up, and then out of nowhere they had
trouble finding their way back to Jaern, as if it*disappeared. So the
demi-god, who is only 8, becomes distraught.
-So the party switches sides to fight against the evil King, who turns out
to be a Demon that also has the whole planet under an enchantment that
forces them to follow him. They do not succeed but come to an agreement
with the King to take the demi-god back home.
-Finally, the party and the demi-god do a little extra random portal
hopping, and eventually they end up on a world that some of the PCs
recognized. This world was created as a result of a campaign I ran a while
back. In the original campaign, the PCs became close to the people of this
one world, and when the world went through an Apocalypse, the PCs moved
the refugees to a new plane adjacent to Jaern. The PCs found out from the

locals that when Jearn was repositioned, that this plane tagged along for
a bit, but eventually detached as well, and know they also have lost their
few connections to other planes, including Jaern.
-Silver ranging from 500sp to 1000sp per person.
-Good Chaos Luck Amulets, everyone but Hason got one, he did not wish to
have his, so he gave it to Rachel. These act as 1 charge lvl 1 Luck
Amulets, but when used, the user also rolls on the Chaos Magic Chart and
adds or subtracts 5 pips from the roll and takes the best result.

Noteworthy Postgame Events