March 30, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Fred (He hates everything!)
Gabe (A very pretty warrior with a very empty head. Dead now.)
Larkin (let Ra never forget my name)


A woman hires Cecrops to find some people for a somewhat dangerous mission...

Plot Synopsis

On the afternoon of 10-12-10036, a woman dressed in travel-worn white robes approached Cecrops. She had been looking for a ship to hire, and the harbormaster had directed her to a number of people. Cecrops was the next on her list.

After a bit of discussion, it was decided that she could hire the ship, and that Cecrops would then hire some additional individuals for a mission of some importance to her, but that would be somewhat dangerous. They would meet later that day.

Cecrops hired the group, and explained that they were to retrieve a vase that was stolen from this woman. Details about the individual who stole the vase were not available, however they were told to expect trouble from some ruffians.

They set out that day. Travel to the island of the thief took four days. Eva, the woman who hired Cecrops, and her brother Bartol explained the mission in more detail along the trip. They approached the island from the southwest, and observed a ship just off the coast, and a longboat resting on the beach. The group did not see anyone watching, so they landed a longboat on the beach. The island is rocky, with scrub and stunted trees growing on it. Little other life was noticed.

They walked up the hill to a cabin that was there, and knocked on the door. They noticed that there were no windows in the walls of the building. The bashed the door down, and found that the cabin was there to protect a stairway carved into the rock, leading downward.

About that time, someone noticed a group of people readying the two longboats on the beach, and striking out into the water. War flew with magical speed to the beach, and called upon the divine power of Anubis to command the would-be thieves to " return to the beach". Only one of the group could resist, so the boats came back to shore. The party proceeded to dispatch eight individuals in short order, and captured the ninth for interrogation.

The elf they caught was reluctant at first, but they convinced him to tell his tale. He spoke of a cruel taskmaster who commanded their group. He was a man who was, in most respects, a pirate bent on plunder. However, very little of the plunder was of any value to the crew. The man collected mostly pottery, clay jugs, jewelry boxes, and candle holders. The only real loot allowed the bunch of men who collected it was a set of belt buckles stolen from a group known only as the Keystone Kops.

The group then put the elf out of his misery and went back to their ship. They moved their ship closer to the other ship anchored nearby. It was then that they noticed that the ship they saw was not acting properly, as it didn't rock and sway with the surf. Further investigation led them to discover that the ship was actually sitting on top of a stone pillar roughly ten feet in diameter. They were cautions, but decided to search the ship thoroughly.

They boarded, and searched the cefo's cabin. There, they found an assortment of candle jars, jewelry boxes, and such as the unfortunate captive spoke.

Also on the deck of the ship, they found a small shack built to house a telescope.

Below decks they found the purpose of the pillar. It was in fact an elevator shaft. The wooden cage-style elevator was there. War climbed down the shaft first to reconnoiter, and found the path safe. The party climbed down after, and they gathered in the room where the elevator would sit at the bottom of its travel. They heard voices down a hallway. War and Cecrops went to investigate

They went down the hallway to where it splint in a T, and followed the voices to the left. They found two guards playing cards and complaining about their employer. What they didn't here were the three armed guards that snuck up on them. War then called upon Anubis again to command everyone to sit down and do nothing. Two guards resisted, but the rest of them and the party complied. The ensuing melee was quickly finished, and the guards dispatched.

They searched the rest of the underground complex, which was large enough to accommodate more than fifty people. They found a treasure room that was trapped to keep it from being opened. They party was resourceful enough to break the door open and move the trap so that it no longer hindered the door. They found many large jugs and clay pots, including the vase they were sent to retrieve. They moved all of them to the ship, and then went back for the smaller ones in the upper cabin of the decoy ship. The telescope was also salvaged.

They found another door that was barricaded. The broke it open and determined that it was the escape route taken by any remaining pirates.

They had a capable crewman Witchsmeller the pottery, and found a copper bracelet attached to a ring that exhibited magical properties. Also in that jug was a notebook detailing the search for a pair of bracelets with four rings attached to each.

They made the return trip to Rogterro, and received payment from Eva.

Noteworthy Postgame Events